Sunday, January 01, 2017

It Has Begun....Focus Achievable

Beginning Again

Wow! January 1st. I am sitting here reflecting on 2016 before continuing to 2017. I will not waste much time looking in the rear view mirror but it is necessary to reflect.
Last year was not a bad year but there were many disappointments. I found myself signed up for many things that completion was not possible due to family issues, personal problems, work, and injuries. I use this as a reminder not to sign up for much in 2017 and what I do sign up for it needs to be personal, achievable, and dependent on myself alone not others.
I am the kind of person to get sucked into doing something because of a great deal or others participating. I have almost pulled the trigger on several races but talked myself back. As I am still not able to run, pain is still overwhelming, I will not sign up for any run only events until this has changed. I am able to bike and run without pain. This has made me decide this years focus will be Triathlons. I have put 1 one on the schedule. I am planning Batavia Tri on June 11 even if I have to walk the 4 miles. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!. I have other on my sights but not committing until I am Running again.
Waddling to Achievable....


Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

You got this, Waddler!

Unknown said...

This is interesting information. Thanks!