Saturday, November 25, 2006



I'm in Cleveland right now. My father-in-law passed away Thanksgiving night after midnight. My hubby was there with him and it was peaceful. I drove up 3 hours from my dad's. Yesterday and today have been filled with funeral arrangements. The funeral will be on Monday. Obviously, my mind is not in the training mode but it's anxious to be back in the game soon.

I feel at peace and everything will fall into place. It will be so different.

Waddling with a heavy heart.....

Monday, November 20, 2006



I drove back to Cleveland(6 hours) early AM on Saturday. My f-i-l was at his house. My hubby was up all night with him. We called hospice to come in and check in. Saturday night,I slept with my hubby on the floor in my f-i-l's bedroom. He was restless and in pain all night. I tried controlling it with ativan and morphine but his liver functions are so bad ,they weren't making it through. By 7am we all sat down to talk and the decision was made to go to the hospice home for help at this time. We had him transferred and settled in by noon. What a wonderful place with some very special people.

After everyone was settled, the kids and I drove back to Chicago on Sunday evening.

In my training schedule,I already realized the Thanksgiving week was out. Weds. in the AM, I am heading to my dad's in southern Ohio with the kids to cook for Thanksgiving then I will head up to CLeveland on Friday to check in on my f-i-l. I hope to get back into training next week. As always ,flexibility is important.

Waddling slowly...............