Wednesday, June 24, 2009

After being told that I have metabolic syndrome, I went to Borders and bought every book that I could find to help me. I read through all of them and realized after 2 weeks of trying that I was not going to get a grip on this on my own. So at swim last week, I asked coach Steve for advice. He gave me the name of a nutrition coach who deals with athletes. I called and had an appointment with Coach Lisa yesterday.

First thing that we did was a resting metabolism test to find a base line. Calculating it out my number of calories needed for a day with no activity was 1380. The test actually showed my number to be much lower at 836. You take that number and add on 500 calories needed for daily activity. That gives the number of calories per day to stay the same weight(1336 for me). Coach Lisa put me on 7 small meals per day which add up to around 1200 cal. per day. We will evaluate how I feel and adjust as we go. Goal is to lose 1.3 lbs. per week and be down 20 by the IronDistance. She has a daily menu for me and for the first week I am sure it will be a shock to my system.

Day 1 on the menu went OK. I kept a copy of it in my pocket so I knew what to eat and when. I am sure in a few days I will get the hang of it. (although giving up my Diet Mountain Dew is the biggest challenge)

Waddling and watching what I eat..............

Sunday, June 21, 2009