Saturday, August 25, 2007


The quiet and calm by the Ohio River was almost eerie as the sun came up. The water was calm but a breeze was beginning to blow. All the tents were empty.

Tomorrow , this place by the river will be transformed. Tomorrow in this spot people will be changed by an experience that will last a lifetime.I am not just talking about the athletes but everyone involved.

I was lucky this morning to run into some fellow bloggers by the river at the swim. The talk was off the river and the current. Yesterday during his swim, Iron Pol ruptured an eardrum but was hoping for a good swim today. Mary Sunshine was all smiles as she entered the water. Geek Girl and Sweet Baboo were anxious to get in and try out the river for a second day. Iron Snoopy (who I ran into later) had some issues with motion sickness.
Duane also was there helping to cheer on the swimmers.

Tom (Iron Pol), Misty (GeekGirl) , Brian ( Sweet Baboo) and me (Waddler)

Good luck to everyone tomorrow on your journey. May you reap the reward of all that you have invested.

Waddling in anticipation of a great experience tomorrow...............

Friday, August 24, 2007


Just arrived at my hotel in Louisville. I was afraid of flight delays with all the bad weather that we have had but it wasn't bad. It's after midnight and I'm trying to settle in. It's so weird to be by myself.

I plan to be down by the river and get some photos and catch up with some people in the a.m. There is a Gatroade swim from 8-10am. I have to leave to get my volunteer orientation from 9-10am. I hope to go to the expo in the afternoon and meet friends for dinner. Then the evening will end early due to the fact I have to be at the transition at 4am.

Waddling into a great weekend............................

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


With the weekend approaching, my excitement is rising. For years, I have watched Ironman Kona on Tv. Every year the same thing happens- I am inspired to tears at the finishers. Because I am not a swimmer- I've never considered the possibility of doing one. I have always wanted to be at the finish. I want to let everyone who comes in, not matter what the time is, to know that they are my hero and inspiration. They have shown what hard work and determination can do.

I hope in the afternoon Sunday to make it to the computer and post some photos and show some updates. Those that I know that I am following are:

Iron Snoopy --#84
Moose- #1603
Mary Sunshine #2051
Athena- Misty #1540
Sweet Baboo #1539
Iron Pol

other support persons:
Duane--- Couch Potato
Vickie from Michigan

Waddling with excitement............

Sunday, August 19, 2007


With everything that has been happening in my life recently, training has become non-existent. There has been no time or energy for it. That puts me in a situation of reassessing my goals and schedule. Next weekend, I will be out of town volunteering at IM Kentucky- so no training again. One other huge pieceof information is that my kids homecoming weekend is the same weekend as USAT Nationals that I was shooting for. The last thing I want to do is miss that experience.

All that brings me to a point - with nothing else on for the year except a half marathon - what to do training wise? The half is in 4 weeks and is just a chance to go home to see my dad and r.un a fun half. I do have the miles in to make it but certainly not a PR or a chance to train for one. Is my season over or do I reset my sites on something else. The last DU of the year is in October but last year only had 29 people. Any ideas are appreciated.

Anyone want to meet up in Louisville that would be great. While I am there I will have the laptop nearby to post post and info on any bloggers that I see!

Waddling with no destination.................