Thursday, March 30, 2006


RUN: 2.75 MI/ 33:57/ AVE PACE 12:20/ MAX 10:11

Hurried home today to get my run in. It was 65 and sunny. Dakota and I headed out the door. I did some pickups in the 10:00 min/mile range then slowed off and on the entire run. It felt good. I did not walk at all. I think I'm really going to be disappointed in my 5k time. But in my head I need to get out of the comfort zone. There is no reason I can't run faster except my head. Friday will be an off day probably. I would like to run 8 and do a 20 mile ride. Hope the weather cooperates.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006



When I left work it was sort of a grey day but 50. My plan to run 3 miles. Cor is on springbreak and wanted to go to sports authority. Then we went to Target and then to Meijer. Ok time for dinner- off to Red Robin. I just had soup and sandwich-still intending to run. Gor home and need to let my food settle. So worked in the basement. One thing led to another and I never made it out. I got alot done but no running today. Tomorrow will be 55 and sunny I got to go!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


SPINNING: 1:10/ AVE HR132/ MAX 160

Another bad weather day and I knew Mary was teaching tonight. So Cor and I went to the gym. We did 3 mountain bike loops with each one being harder and faster. Excellent training for outside. The best part was when we got done the steak and mushrooms that Co and I treated ourselves with at home. We earned it tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 27, 2006


SPINNING: 1:10/ AVE HR 148 / MAX 166

Great workout. No option but to be inside-lousy weather. It was a combo of the month of workouts with 4 different sections. Strength, speed,endurance, and intervals. The time went fast because of the constant changes.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


RUN:1:15 / 6 MILES

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Still chilly(30) but you could feel spring in the air. Dakota and I ran from the house. It gave me a chance to remember why I run- not the competition but the peaceful times. I was really slow with tired legs. The time went quickly and I was home before I knew it. I hope I will feel this way for a long time.

Looking forward I am really getting nervous about the year ahead. I know I can do it but I'm hoping not to embarass myself too much the first couple of races.

Two weeks until my first 5k for the year. I would like to break 35:00 bu it will be tough. I've lost some Speed?(haha) with my cycling.

Just remember enjoy the moment!