Thursday, April 05, 2007



You can always tell the time of a full moon at the hospital. Today was no exception to the rule. It began when I walked in to find the 2 computers that run our treatment machine were down. I dialed the 800number for our help line and reached a sex talk line. That was no help! I finally got everything going. Next we had 2 emergency patients added to our overscheduled day. Unfortunately both patients had brains mets and were very combative. One thing after another happened thensuddenly we realized it was already 2:30 and nobody had stopped or eaten lunch. When I left everthing was done and calm. That only happens when you work with a great team like I do.
I did make it to the gym tonight and ran on the treadmill. It was dark, cold and the winds were gusty so I opted for the inside. Being on the treamill I was able to push myself to a harder workout than I would have done outside.
I checked the weather for the weekend and it looks good for my long run.
Waddling and howling at the moon..................

Wednesday, April 04, 2007



Did you ever get so pissed off that you couldn't even work out? Last night it happened to me. I won't go into the reason. But I could only see red and there was no chance of focusing for spin class. That made me even madder. I need to get this time in.

Tonight the weather outside was horrible. Extremely windy and very cold. I had to take my MIL to the doctor. By the time I helperd her with a few things and headed home it was 7pm. I thought that I could get to the gym by 8. The wind overturned a tanker truck and shut down my was to get home. I was delayed over and hour and exhausted by the time that I walked into the door. Another night lost.
Waddling to relax for the night...........

Monday, April 02, 2007



Race report

It was a day made for running. The temperatures were 40 degrees and there was no wind. I was facing a flat course. When I lined up,I knew what I needed to do. As I looked at the other runners, they were as anxious as me. The first 10 miles went smooth. I was right on what I wanted to run. I hoped to run the second half with negative splits. The next 10 miles went by very quickly. My hydration and Gu was right on target. Then came the final 10K. I was actually able to pick it up. Soon I could see the finish line. I can't believe it! On the spur of the moment to run a marathon and BQ. The run of a lifetime.


SUNDAY : RUN : 2:35 / 10.76 MILES / 4R:1W
MONDAY : RUN : 0:30

I didn't BQ but I did have a good solid long run. But what a dream that was. I spent most of the weekend moving my MIL in her new house. That went well. She's finally in and loves her new home.

There is 5 weeks left until the PIG. My long runs are lined up:

  • April 8--15 miles
  • April 15-- 20 miles
  • April 22-- 5K race
  • April 29-- 10 miles

It seems like you have alot of time to prepare but it come on quick.

Waddling to watch Dancing with the Stars..............