Thursday, March 05, 2009

I haven't written much lately due to the continued lack of free time in my life. I will try to give the short version of what has been happening.

  • House has been recovering from his surgery. Bad new came yesterday when the Rep. from Medtronics was unable to program the neurostimulator to give any relief in the right leg. We are now facing another surgery.
  • Training has been not bad. I have been getting good workouts done. I feel the most improvement in my swim. I am not getting faster but I feel my form is getting better and more efficient. Weekend runs are getting longer to prepare for my half in May. This weekend will be a 7-miler.
  • Sugar (my tri bike) has come off the trainer and going to the bike shop for her spring check up. I am so anxious to ride outside.
  • Although I have been trying to ignore it, there is a problem with my rt foot. I have diagnose it as plantar fasciaitis. I have started taking anti-inflamatories, stretching, and ice.
  • We went to a shelter and rescued a cute little dog for my MIL whose dog passed away. It was not a good match but my daughter fell in love with the dog so---- I now have 4 dogs. His name is Nitro and what a cutie!
  • House and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary. It was a wonderful evening at Olive Garden which included House saving a choking child. There was a small child at the table next to us who tried to swallow an ice cube. The cube lodged in his throat and House reacted quickly and followed his EMT training and opened the child's airway.
  • Weather is improving and all my runs have been outside--no dreadmill!

Waddling forward..............

Monday, March 02, 2009


This past weekend, the family headed back to Ohio. We were celebrating my dad's 87th birthday. We rented a van to make the trip easier for House. He was still having alot of post surgery pain and needed to stay fairly quiet for the healing around the Stim.

As always, the highlight of the weekend was eating. Hamburgers and Old fashioned sugar cream pie was on the lunch menu. The birthday dinner was Fried chicken. The following morning was Bob Evan's with my cousins.

When we go back to Ohio, it feels good to return to our roots. Everything is so laid back and relaxed. Any troubles are left 285 miles behind.

I find it hard to believe that the time passed so quickly. I did not workout at all just enjoyed. I have alot workouts in my future.

Waddling back in Chicagoland ....