Saturday, August 04, 2007


After a crazy week at work, I was so glad it was finally the weekend. While on the computer yesterday, I found an organized ride on Sunday which is only 10 minutes from my house. I looked at my options and decided on the 55 mile ride. Choices were 20, 30, 45, 55, 85, or 102. My race that I am working for in September has a ride section of 36 miles.

So now the length of my run for today was up in the air. I haven't figured this multisport stuff out yet but the one article I read advised to run long only every 2-3 weekends. My goal became 8 and I ended up with a comfortable 8.75. Luckily today the sun stayed in and the heat stayed lower.

Next weekend is the USAT Mideast Tri/Du Championship in Sylvania,Ohio. The list released today shows only 2 others in my age group. After tomorrow's ride, I'll back it down some.

I received my volunteer confirmation e-mail from Ironman Louisville. I am so excited. I hope I can meet some of the bloggers that I have been watching train. I'll be working at the first transition until 930am then at the finish line from 7pm until the end at midnight. I'll be glad to support anyone that needs any help.

RUN : 8.75 Miles / 2:01

Waddling in a lazy way..............

Thursday, August 02, 2007


It was another hot and humid day in the 90's. My plan is to do a brick workout every Thursday. Hopefully it will help get my legs used to coming off the bike and running. The first half mile is always tough. The ride went really well. I was thinking of running 3 but the heat backed me down to 2.

The week-end weather is going to be tough. I am planning a 10 miler on Saturday followed by a long ride on Sunday.

Bike : 10 miles

Run : 2 miles

Waddling to find a cool spot.......................

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


This morning my alarm went off at 5am. The reason was so that I would get up and run before the heat and humidity hit today. I rolled over and ignored it. My hubby mentioned that i might want to beat the heat. My reply was a mumbled,"If I complain tonight- you can say I told you so!"

After work it was about 95 and very humid. I waited until the sun was going down to head out. I so regretted not getting up this morning. I was putting on my shoes talking to myself about how hot it still was when hubby walked by and said-I TOLD YOU SO.

I felt not so bad and did 2 miles of tempo running with a one mile warmup and cool down. My rib pain was a 3 out of a 10(worst). It did not hinder my breathing at all.

Run : 4 miles


Bike: 15h 33m 34s - 207.6 Mi

Run: 12h 39m 45s - 53.37 Mi

Strength: 1h 30m
Elliptical Training: 1h
Walking: 1h 10m

Monday, July 30, 2007


It has been over a week since my bike crash and I thought besides a little soreness in my neck and left. rib that I was fine. My run and bike felt great over the weekend. Today at lunch I went down to the Shape Shop for an arm and ab workout. I was starting to crunches with a medicine ball then I felt it---where there had been a small ache became a big ouch. I immediately stopped the workout and left.

Tonight I went for a short bike. I felt ok but that one rib hurt when I took in a big breath. Then I hit a bump---YOWIE!!!. I'm not getting it checked out because they won't do anything but I just needed to complain about it. Thanks for listening.

BIKE : 6 miles-MTB.
Waddling while gentle breathing...............

Sunday, July 29, 2007


  • I have been watching the Tour all month. It was amazing how close the top 3 riders were at the end. I love Team Discovery and I love Trek bikes. For me - it was a great finish.

My workout for today was a 30-40 mile bike. I grabbed Ole Yellar (MTB) and headed for th I & M trail ride. The interesting part of the ride was the snakes on the trail crossing from the canal to the river. I was so glas I wasn't running. I saw 7 or 8 of them and did hit one (but never looked back). I hate snakes.

I had my training schedule planned out until August 12 when I so the Mideast Duathlon in Sylvania. I am working on a new plan to take me to September 30 when I do a Long Course Duathlon (8k/56k/8k). I have been reading Eric Schwartz and I think I finally am getting a grip on what to do. I undrstand running and training for a marathon but did not get how to train for 2 sports. But I'm putting the final touches on things now.

Bike : 30 miles / MTB on trail