Saturday, January 08, 2011


The time has arrived with no more excuses but to face what I need to do in my training for IMFL. The first thing is to address my weight gain and metabolic syndrome. I began by cleaning everything evil and life-threatening out of my kitchen. (except the Diet Dew). Then came the grocery shopping. It's amazing how long it takes and the cost of shopping healthy. Also I began weight watchers. My first weigh in was yesterday and there is alot of work ahead of me.

Also this week, the intensity of the training increased. By Friday, the were many aching muscles. It felt good though. This added to my better eating habits made me feel changed in a good way.

I realize this is only my first week. I also know how many first weeks there have been. I am now heading into week 2 and let the changes continue and bring on the challenge.

Waddling with determination..............