Thursday, September 20, 2007


Since the 2007 season is complete, it is time to start laying the groundwork for 2008. My primary goal is getting this swimming thing down by January. I also take this opportunity to take try some different classes at the gym. I printed off the fall schedule and may try some next week.

Other goals include keeping my running base of 2 days a week with the longer run of 6 miles and 1-2 days of spin per week. I think until January there will not be alot of structure then real training will kick in. Hopefully with several tri's on the schedule.

Weds.- Run : 45 min.
Thurs - Swim : 30 min.

Waddling and building a base.................

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



Along with the change of seasons to fall, homecoming also comes for the kids in High school. Hooch is a junior. Every year she goes with a group rather than an individual because she enjoys it more. Bino ,my son who is a sophomore now ,invited a girl last year who changed her mind the week before homecoming and went with someone else. This year he has had a relationship with a girl for months and asked her to homecoming. Yesterday (10 days before the dance) she decided to go with her ex-boyfriend who she still had feelings for. How tough!! I wish I could do something to help ease the hurt but he seems to be doing great. He has decided to go anyway with a group of guys from his football team. Growing up is tough.

Last night was swim class #3. I did the side float with the flutter kick and added the breathing. The coach then had me raise my arm and flip to the other side. Cool. Then to go side to side and add the arms. Yeah!!!!!!! My homework switch 3 times then take a breath!!!! I can do this!!!!!!!!
I'm Swimming!!!!!!!!

Swim: 50 min / drills

Waddling and flipping................

Monday, September 17, 2007


My race season is now complete. It is an exciting time for me. I love planning and organizing. It is time to start looking at 2008 and laying some groundwork. I have signed up for my first and and put it on my calendar. It is the Indy 500 Mini-marathon. The date is the first weekend in May. I've done it once and loved it.

I feel satisfied with 2007. I had no time goals at all. I did 1 full marathon, 2 half marathons, and 4 duathlons. Most importantly- I enjoyed every experience. I was also injury free besides a few scrapes from bike wrecks.

Swim : 30 min.

Waddling and planning............................

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Weekends like this are few and far between.

On Friday, Hooch and I arrived to take my dad to lunch. Following that we went to the runner's expo and packet pick up. While we were there Hooch noticed a sign that was for a blood drive for the troops. She had never given before but was immediately drawn to it. On her own she filled out the papers then jumped in the chair and donated. We were so proud of her.

On Saturday morning, I awoke to the most perfect running day. Sunny and 45. I had no expectations going into this race. I really hadn't trained for it. I felt no pressure at all to do a certain time. After running this the past 2 years, I knew the course and what was ahead. I just wanted to enjoy it.

This is by far the best half marathon I've run for the experience of it. The support on the course is unbelievable. The first 2 miles are up a slow grinding hill. I could see the ROTC guys ahead of with with all their gear and heavy packs. They chanted as they ran. Water station after water station the cheering was overwhelming. I tried to thank every serviceman that I could along the route. Before I knew it , I was at the turn around. My pace was comfortable and I was enjoying each step. When I hit 9 miles, I knew the worst hill was around the corner. I decided to walk up and prepare for the finish. When I hit 11 miles, my watch read 2:28:10. I was surprised. I had 32 minutes to do the last 2.1 miles and break 3 hours. Most of it was downhill and I knew that I was fine. The finish line is spectacular. The last .25 miles it is like a runway through military airplanes on both side. The cheering is deafening. I saw Hooch and my dad-stopped for a high five and a hug- then finished. I could see the tears in my dad's eyes. To put the icing on the cake, was the medal put on by a colonel. Then the cherry on top was lunch at Frisch's Big Boy.

To complete this perfect day, we went to my cousin's daughter's wedding. I got to see alot of my aunts and uncles on dad's side. He is the oldest of 8 kids. Hooch enjoyed the wedding especially the part where the Groom pushes the bride around in a decorated wheelbarrow.

Sunday came quickly and it was time to head for home. Time flies. Last year on this weekend, my in-laws came down from Cleveland to meet us for dinner and celebrate my 50th birthday. Little did we know that within a month my father-in-law would be diagnosed with an agressive cancer and pass away the day after Thanksgiving.

This weekend and race will always have a special place in my heart.

Run : 13.1 miles / 2:56:55 / 13:31 pace

Waddling with alot of emotion......................