Friday, June 08, 2007


What a crazy week. Here is the recap at home. Hubby is having tests on Wednesday to see if surgery can be averted. Bino got his driver' s permit and drives great. Hooch changed jobs and is now at Caribou Coffee. My sister law is in from Ohio and I get to go shopping with her and my MIL tomorrow. My boss is on vacation and left me in charge.t's Friday and I'm exhausted.

Tonight , I drove up to Batavia to pick up my race packet for Sunday's Duathlon. They handed me my number - 2. I asked to hand it back in and get a higher number but they wouldn't. I can't believe it. My friend DeeDee always laughs because I sign up for things so early. I am alittle nervous about Sunday. The format is a 2 mile run / 14.6 mile bike / 4.2 mile run. I do have 1 goal- not to back off and walk. In the PIG and Galena, I hit a point where my run:walk became only a walk. I mentally gave in. I want to get over that in this race. I did back off some this week.

Waddling to look through my goodie bag........

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Tonight I went to spin. Mary , the instructor just completed the Upper Penisula Adventure race and covered 300 miles in 4 days. I thoguht mayber she would take it easy on us. No such luck. We spent almost the entire hour climbing. We had to stay in the saddle also. She can push you to the edge.

On the home front- hubby is home on bed on meds- we go back on Friday . I think we'll be setting a surgery date for his neck. Driver's Ed class #2 is in the books. I had my MIL at work with me today at the hospital for some tests. I only lost her twice while I was working. Hooch is out in her new car but will be increasing her work hours.

Spin: 1:00 : ave HR 148

Monday, June 04, 2007


Today was a mixture of all sorts. It all began when my hubby called me at work to tell me the pain in his right arm had gotten more painful and he could not grip onto things. An appointment was made with his neurosurgeon and we took off. The neuro. immediately worked him up and thinks he has a herniated disc at C6-7. He was put on steriods and I took him for an MRI. We see the Neuro. again on Friday for the results-probably surgery next week.
Today also was Bino's first day in Driver's Ed. It's hard to believe -next year both my kids will have their license. Time is flying by.
My MIL's legs are still swollen. The MD ordered an ultrasound for tomorrow to rule out a clot. Her stress test was normal. Hopefully we'll get this figured it.
With all this going on-my workout was out the window. Maybe tomorrow I can make up for it.
Waddling while my head is spinning..........

Sunday, June 03, 2007


In the beginning, cancer survivor Richard Bloch (co-founder of H&R Block) and his wife, Annette, held their first Cancer Survivor Rally in Kansas City, Missouri, to obtain media coverage that would demonstrate that a diagnosis of cancer was not an automatic death sentence. The idea soon caught on in other communities and has come to be known as National Cancer Survivors Day. It has been celebrated the first Sunday in June for the last 20 years.

Today , I was a volunteer at that celebration. We held a picnic. After lunch, we had a wonderful speaker. It was Bob Losure. He was CNN Headline News anchor for 12 years. He is also a 2 time cancer survivor. I was the liason to pick him up at the hotel and take him. He was a fascinating person to talk to and the time flew. People like him are so inspirational to me. The rain held off until the festivities were over. It was truely a celebration of life.
Waddling and celebrating.............