Monday, December 31, 2007


Run: 4h 30m
Swim: 9h 40m - 10950 M
Strength: 45m
Bike Trainer: 1h 15m
Spinning Class: 7h 00m

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Now that I have looked back, it is the time to look forward.

My #1 goal of 2008 is to complete a triathlon. The base has begun to be laid. I have learned how to swim. I have lost 18 lbs. Santa brought me a bike trainer for home. Now to remain injury free and take it up a notch.

I ran into my swim coach at the pool. Master's swim is going from 1 day per week to 3 days per week. I was excited. That is just what I need. Now add my bike at home with spin then add some mileage to my run. This will take me to March 24 when my half-ironman plan kicks in. Oh, also I need to lose15-20 more lbs.

Waddling forward..............

Friday, December 28, 2007


Looking back at 2007 , there were several different perspectives.

On the professional side, we installed our new linear accelerator. I helped set up a new procedure at our hospital (stereotactic brain radiosurgery). We were the first hospital in Will county to do this and one of a few in the Chicagoland area. Our department underwent several other changes- physicians and added staffing. The were alot of challenges but we made it through and are much stronger for it.

On the family side, my MIL moved from Cleveland to Illinois to be closer to us after the loss of my FIL. My daughter Hooch got her driver's licence and her first job. My son Bino played football for the first time and made th JV team in his High School. My dad who is 85 is doing great.

For me, the spring found me completing my 3rd marathon in Cincinnati. The Flying Pig was a great experience. Then I turned to the duathlon. I did Galena, Batavia, Waterloo, and Sylvania. I finished the year a half marathon. I recently found out that I took first in the USAT Mideast Duathlon series for my age group.

The outstanding event of 2007 was volunteering at Ironman Louisville. The emotion stirred up was overwhelming. It gave me the motivation to learn how to swim. Also the incentive to sign up for a half-Ironman in 2008.

I thank God for being so blessed in 2007.

Waddling in to 2008.............

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It's official. I did get a bike trainer for Christmas. Santa was so good to me. Not only that--I have a new CD player and speakers for the rec room. I am going to rock. The trainer is just what I wanted.

The first priority today is to get the kids electronics set up though. Hooch got a new laptop which she loves. Bino got an I-Touch. Oh- and Mr. Waddler got an MP3 player.

We will take a break in the middle of the day to go to my MIL's house for dinner(lunch). We have even gotten a present for her dog Scooter.
When we get home this evening- time to set the trainer up? Now I am ready for 2008.

Waddling to enjoy Christmas day!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Happy Holidays to everyone! Take advantage of this time to enjoy your family, faith, and future.

My computer has had problems and I have had a cold. Or is it the other way around? The motherboard has gone bad. It will take 2 weeks to fix. I will find accessto a computer whenever I can.

Waddling toward Xmas............

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I find it very interesting that my wife is already posting that she is getting a trainer for her bike.

She will be disappointed when she opens the box and it contains racing equipment for one of my drag cars. (Good way of getting them in the house unnoticed).

I bought her a padded (gel filled toilet seat!) It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Oh, and for you ladies out there that think your subtle hints like leaving biking magazines open to pages that contain things you want...We men pick up on that like flea's on a camel.....It don't work. Have to get up alot earlier to beat me sweetie!

Anyway's since my wife is not getting a trainer for Christmas, if any of you wish to contribute to the Waddler's "I need a Trainer" Fund, forwarded your gift to Corbin/Dean Racing attention sponsorship department, we will make sure that all proceeds go to a new engine..oops a Trainer.

Happy Holidays to all of you and your families.


Monday, December 17, 2007


This evening while I was at the gym ,2 presents for me appeared under the tree. I had left hints everywhere for Santa. I remembered back to when I was little. I was so excited at the sight. I would sit on the steps and stare at them and try to guess what they were.

My son loves to shake gifts. My daughter doesn't even want to see they and spoil he surprise. Mr. Waddler always just seems to know what his are.

My wish this year is for a bike trainer. The box is the correct size and shape. I had to pick it up to run the sweeper. It was heavy and about the right weight. The last clue was the Perfomance Bicycle bag in the trash. I guess Santa did find all those flyers that I left laying around.

Waddling to unplug the tree..........
Monday - treadmill 30 min.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


The year 2007 is winding down. We are counting down to Christmas and a New Year. Time seems to be moving quickly to the holidays. But in a way it is moving slowly toward 2008. I feel the holidays will put alot of days off in my training. I am anxious to get at it. You will have to remind me that I said that when I am complaining about it.

I had a good weekend at the gym. Swim and spin was the focus.

Waddling with 9 days until Christmas...............

Friday - 1 hour= spin
Saturday- 1200 m Form drills and endurance = swim
Sunday - 900m ladder = swim & 1 hour spin

Friday, December 14, 2007


My kids have bee using my laptop. For some reason, my wireless connection quit working. When I tried to contact Hp, they said to email them with the problem. That's hard to do wtih no connection. The other option- download a new driver. Hard to do wwith no connection. Final got a real person on the phone, they were so helpful but I had to do a complete recovery on my computer. I am again connected but all my music is gone.

Waddling online again......

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sitting here, I am watching the Biggest Loser. It is always motivation and inspiration for me. The weight these people have lost is amazing. Their hard work shows. It does show that it is possible. It's unbelievable that Neil was below the yellow line after losing 10 lbs.

Today's workouts took me out of my comfort zone. The morning was masters swim class. Coach had me doing drills and my workout total was 1200m. Tonight , I went to spin class. It had been since September since I had been to spinning with Mar. teaching. Way out of my comfort zone.

Waddling with tired legs.............

Swim = 1200 m (AM)
Spin = 1 hour (PM)

Monday, December 10, 2007


I can't believe that 2 weeks from tonight is Christmas Eve. The time flies by so fast.

Yesterday we had one of those wonderful family days. Totally unplanned. We spent the afternoon putting up Christmas decorations. Mr. Waddler and Bino decided to go get a real tree. They were looking for one 6-7 feet tall. They came home with one 11 feet tall. We do have 12 foot ceilings but I felt like there was a Griswold Tree in my living room. Do you remember the part when it opened up and blew out the windows? Then the squirrel came out?

We all put the ornaments on the tree. We each have special ones from each year. The was alot of reminiscing being done. Sometimes the unplanned times are the best.

Waddling and waiting for Santa.....................
Sunday : 800 m swim & 1 hour spin
Monday : 30 min. treadmill

Saturday, December 08, 2007


After a chaotic week, I think things are beginning to calm down again.

Mr. Waddler came home from the hospital yesterday. After all the tests, the findings showed early stages of heart disease. No blockage or heart attack. He is on a heart monitor for the next 30 days. It is good to have him home.

Hooch is gone to another cheer competition. Her knee still hurts but does not want to let her team down.

Bino is off all day to a bowling tournament. He had a new ball drilled yesterday and can;t wait to give it a try.

For me, my training took a vacation. I'll take today to catch my breath and catch up. Tomorrow should be back on schedule. That is why schedules are always in pencil.

Good Luck to Joe- He is running the Rocketcity Marathon today.

Waddling to calm down...................

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


This sign perfectly describes my life currently.

Tuesday recap- The day started perfect with Master's swim. I got a workout in that totaled almost 1,000m. That wasn't the only first - I did 8 x 50. Coached then pushed me and I did my first 100m without stopping. It doesn't seem like much to many but to me who has never swam before it feels huge.

The day started going downhill fast! The doctor that I am friend and coworker with handed in her resignation. I have worked with her for over 6 years. WOW, I was blown away when I saw her tears.

The plan for the evening was spin class. The weather turned bad with a snow storm. I had to pick up Bino from a bowling match andd then get Hooch to work. Going to the gym did not happen as planned.

I got home and began to tell hubby about my day. He became unresponsive to my questions. He stopped talking I called 911. The squad took him to the ER. They did an EKG which showed changes since 1 year ago. He was admitted.

Today- I spent the day at the hospital. They did a cardiac catheterization and a few other test.So far everything is Ok. More tests are scheduled for Thursday so hopefully he will be home soon.
I'm exhausted now.
Waddling to bed.............

Sunday, December 02, 2007

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!

I don't usually watch college football but if I do then I am a Ohio State Fan. I have loved them since Woody Hayes. I also graduated from there. What a crazy finish to the year. I just have one thing to say-"GO BUCKEYES!"

Another thing that pumped me up was watching IM Kona on TV yesterday. I always leave that show with a few tears and very inspired. The last 30 min is the best to watch. So much emotion.

My workout today was good. I started with a swim. I did drills to improve my form and add some endurance. Then I headed up to spin class. It was an interval workout with the emphasis in zone 3. I left the gym feeling pretty good about my training this week.
Waddling into a new week..............
Swim = 600m
Spin = 1 hour

Saturday, December 01, 2007


December is coming in like a bang. "Winter Storm Warning is in effect." The morning new is covered with stories of the approaching weather. Outside it has just begun. I actually love this kind of weather.

This morning for my workout , I headed for the gym. I did a run-swim brick. I started with 4 miles on the treadmill the headed for 500m in the pool. I felt good. On the treadmill I watched to keep my heart rate in zone 2 with a little in zone 3. In the pool. I just worked on drills for keeping my head down and breathing.

I knew the weather was coming in so I stopped at the grocery on the way home. It was time for me to turn into Susie Homemaker. I made chicken soup, chicken salad, macaroni salad, and deviled eggs. I have a few more things to go but I don't intend to cook the rest of the weekend. Bino is spending time with his girl and Hooch is in Indy for a Cheer competition.

Waddling to watch it snow..................

Run = 4 miles
Swim = 500m

Friday, November 30, 2007


The numbers are alittle lower than October. Thanksgiving was great though.

Bike: 3h 50m - 46 Mi
Run: 9h 30m - 38.08 Mi
Swim: 8h 00m - 5100 M
Strength: 30m
Weight loss total since Oct 1=15 lbs.

Waddling into December.................

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Yesterday was Master's swim. I am excited to get there even though it is at 530am. I had the first lane to myself and Coach had a 3 boards up with workouts. I had my own special one. Last week I completed 1 entire 50 m lap. This week I did 4 times 50 in a row. Then Coach gave me a few good pointers. All of a sudden it started to happen. This swimming thing was beginning to click. Iron Snoopy told me it would!

I remebered back to when I started to run. All the milestones on how it felt to reach each one. First running around the block. Next running an entire mile without stopping. What a high that is.
Yesterday at swim, it felt that way again.

Waddling on a high...............

Tuesday : Swim = 60 min.
Wednesday: Treadmill = 60 min.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Today was back to work after a wonderful , long weekend. I got there early just to have time alone to look over the schedule and get ready for the day. Things looked good on paper. Then it began.

My boss came in and that was fine. Then as others came in problems needed fixed. It continued until lunch. Nothing was simple. Every specialty procedure that we do and some that we are going to do needed to be scheduled. Nothing was simple.

The day went quickly and I felt like I had got alot done. I looked at my cellphone when I got in my car and there 4 voice messages of which 2 were from work. My battery died as soon as I listened to them. It made the drive home peacefully quiet.
After arriving home, it started all over. A phone call to work took care of several things. Hooch was at home with complaints of a bad cold and increasingly painful knee. Bino came in with complaints of a bad day at the bowling alley. My hubby went to his mom's house for dinner so his complaints are coming.

Finally arrived the time for my TEAM workout at the gym. My coach was sick and our substitute was the spin teacher that I disliked. But who am I to complain.
Waddling to a better day tomorrow...............
Monday : Treadmill = 30 min.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I think sometime that I spend as much time reading and planning as I do actually training. Yesterday I realized that there is ONLY 36 weeks until Steelhead 70.3. So the frenzy began. Will I be ready? I know this is a challenge unlike any other that I have tried. The reason for this is the swim.

Ah--- the swim. I have to be honest and say that I wish that I was farther along. I see big workouts being done but I'm not there yet. My big accomplishment last week at master's swim was to complete 50 without stopping. I have such a long way to go. I have read you need to work hardest on your weakest so I think I need to increase for awhile my swim from 3 to 4 times per week.

The rest of the plan I have broken apart and as always is written in PENCIL because it changes often.

The next 6 weeks will be focused on continued weight loss and the swim. I have found a swim building plan on It has drill and workouts. Team Weight loss continues until Jan 1 at the gym. I will add some spin and running.

The next 10 weeks will be building up. I need to be at consistantly training approximately 7 hours per week. Still working on details. I am hoping Santa will bring me a bike trainer for Christmas.

The Final Section :Duration: 140 days (20 weeks)This plan comprises 7-10 hours per week of training. I have downloaded a training plan from Week 1 will be March 24th.

Tri-Waddling for 36 weeks.............

Saturday : Run = 5 miles
Sunday : Brick : 500m swim drills then to 60 min. Spin class ( zone 2 endurance)

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Our trip back to Ohio was awesome. It is so nice to slow things down for a few days and regroup. Dad looked great. He slept alittle more than in the past but at 85 - I may do that too.

For Thanksgiving, we have our special traditions. Wednesday night is toasting the bread for the homemade stuffing. Hooch did most of it.We ordered pizza and watched the DVD "Wild Hogs". I got up at 4 am on Thanksgiving and put the bird in the oven. My dad and I went to morning mass where he did the readings. After coming home Bino made the green bean casserole while I peeled the potatoes. After overeating for dinner, the afternoon was spent watching Christmas DVDs. Our new one for this year was Santa Claus 3 with Jack Frost. Supper was the leftovers.

We came home on Friday to beat the traffic. I was home early enough to head to the gym and get a swim workout in.

Saturday , I awoke to 28 degree temperatures. I headed out the door with Dakota for a 5 mile run. My mind began running to the future and the training ahead of me for Steelhead. I have to lose some more weight then start logging in the hours.

Waddling to the grocery....................

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Over the river and through the woods....... to Ohio.

Tomorrow we are leaving for my dad's house in Ohio. I am so excited to see him. At 86, you never know what tomorrow will bring. He bought the turkey, pumpkin pie, and made cranberry salad. I bring the rest. My hubby had decided to stay put at home to be with his mom at this tough time and I totally understand.

My morning began with Master's swim. I started my warm up. Nothing seemed to be clicking. Coach continued to talk to me and give me support and by the end of the hour, I felt good about my workout.

My morning continued by taking Hooch, my daughter, to the orthopedic office. At the age of 3 she began in gymnastics. At 10 , she was 6th on the floor in a national event. The 20 hours a week training took a toll on her body. By 13 she had torn her achilles, broke her rt foot and ankle 3 times, and broke her finger. She made the decision to quit and change to cheerleading. Today, I was concerned again. The doctor thinks it's a strain. But will re-eval in 1 week before nationals in Indy.

The day ended watching my son, Bino, bowl on the JV team. His high game was 198 and they won.

I do have alot to be thankful for.

Waddling to Ohio..........

Monday, November 19, 2007


My life lately has been full speed ahead. Not much breathing room for anything. As usual when things are rolling along like that-here comes the holidays. Work has been crazy with not just the normal cases but with the added unusual stuff. My training has picked up to prepare for 2008 triathlons. My son has bowling season in full swing with 2 meets per week. My daughter has cheer competitions which she competed in last weekend and was injured. Thus an appointment with the orthopedic MD tomorrow.

It seems like that is alot but is just the tip of things. This week is also Thanksgiving. We are driving back to Ohio so that I can cook for my dad. My mother in law is staying here because it is the one year anniversary of my father in laws death. She doesn't want to be around anyone. Here we have one more crisis- do we leave her alone for the holiday?

I cracked tonight. After a crazy day at work, and picking Bino up from bowling. I made dinner. I had 15 minutes to change and get to my Team workout. I hit the bottom of the rollercoaster ride. I decided not to go and stop my world for a few minutes.

Thanks for listening- I'm okay.

Waddling to jump back on the ride....................

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yesterday, I got up and ran the 5.5 mile Run for Ryan. The run was very powerful for me. It took me back 20 years ago when I began running the first time. My mind went over 5ks that I ran in a local park to the River Corridor Half Marathon where I broke 2 hours. I was a much lighter and different person back then. The only thing that remained the same was my love of running.

As I approached 3 miles in my run, I realized that I hadn't taken any of my ususal walk breaks. I felt great and continued. Now my mind wandered to how quick life can change and how precious it is. A year ago this week, we lost my father-in-law to his 5 week battle with cancer. I was overwhelmed with appreciation of every step that I take.

I was still running with no walk break at mile 4. My pace was still strong. Now my thoughts wondered to the future. The thought of my first Triathlon next year. I still can't believe it. So many great things ahead in 2008.

My last half mile, I pushed as hard as I could. No walk break had been taken. As I glanced at my watch my pace was 9:18. Where did that come from?

I felt a special power and peace during the entire run.

Waddling to the future........

Friday, November 16, 2007


Another hectic week, I finally have a minute to catch-up.

It was a good training week. After masters swim on Tuesday, I did another swim workout on Thursday. My problem remains relaxing with my breathing. When you bike and run, you fall into a natural rhythm. There is nothing natural about swimming and breathing to me. By the end of 25 , I am breathing hard and grabbing for air. I decided to (cover your ears) put my nose clips back on. I was able to relax and do 50. So I am in a dilema again.

I also got in a really good spin workout at 530am. The instructor was intense. There were some good intervals with hill climbs. I recognized several people from my master's swim. I focused on my HR zones. I stayed mostly in zone 2 with intervals in zone 3.

Tomorrow, I plan on getting up and running a 5.5 mile run for Ryan. How sad he was so young. My prayers to his family.

In other news, Bolingbrook ,where I live, has been on the news alot lately. Just down the road lives Sgt. Drew Peterson whose 4th wife is missing. Now his 3rd wife who died suspiciously has been exumed from her grave. Not a day goes by without passing news crews. I think this will someday be a made for TV movie. Even Geraldo was here last weekend.

Waddling into the weekend........

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I realized this weekend that part 1 of my base building is over and part 2 is beginning. Sounds strange? I have gotten in to a good routine for my workouts. Now comes the next goal , to step it up with my workouts. Last night during my Team Weight Loss Workout, I realized that I was just getting through the workout. I need to take ownership for my workout and push harder and challenge myself. That would be the only way that I would complete Steelhead.
This morning was Master's Swim Team week#2. I was still far behind everyone else but Coach modified my distances and workouts and I feel that I made alot of improvement. I still have a long way to go but it will be one stroke at a time.
Waddling to watch the Biggest Losre Triathlon....

Sunday, November 11, 2007


This morning, I awoke to do my Sunday Morning run. I looked around and remember that I was downtown Chicago and quickly got dressed and ran out of the room. I was excited for the first time to be running along the lakeside when not entered in a race. I wanted to take everything in. My hotel was on Michigan Avenue but I found myself quickly running down the lakeshore. I ran to Navy Pier, passed the tour boats, next to the ferris wheel, and to the end. Even though the morning was gray and misty, it felt so alive outside. There were very few others out this early. The silence and solitude was refreshing.

It was the perfect ending to the weekend dowtown with Hooch(my Daughter), my sister-in-law, and my niece. We had a great time, shopped alot, ate good food, then could barely stop laughing to fall asleep.

Tomorrow it's back to dieting and training but I feel this weekend was just what I needed.

Waddling into new week ..............

Friday, November 09, 2007


It's been a crazy week. Work is increasingly busy proportional to me trying to increase my training. Something usually suffers when this happens. This week it was my laundry. With hubby and 2 busy teenagers plus me , it piles up fast. But eventually if you need something , you do it yourself is my theory.

I continued my streak of working out through today making it 21 days in a row. Tomorrow will be a day off. My legs are tired and can use a break.

The real reason for my break is that I am going downtown (Chicago) this weekend. My sister-in-law and niece fly in to Midway in the morning and we are heading for the Magnificient Mile for the week-end. My daughter is going down with us also. It should be a good time. I have been really good on my diet but I may take a small break but no go crazy. Cheesecake Factory is on the agenda for dinner.

Waddling to downtown......................

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


When I began swimming for the first time in my life in the beginning of September, I wasn't sure how it would go or what would happen. I worked as hard as I could and practice 2-3 times per week. I graduated from Ripples. Also I got rid of my nose plug. In comparison to the others in my class, I did fairly well. Thus my registration for Steelhead.

Today began a new part of the process. I began a Masters swim class at my gym. Coach Steve is from There were 12 in the class which starts at 530am on Tuesdays. This was my first one hour workout in the pool. Coach went through the board and goals for each class. He watched us for a couple of laps and divided us into lanes by levels. I was in the first lane with 3 other beginners. Coach watched us swim and walked beside me by the pool several times. He had alot of good input and felt like he was picking on me but I found it very welcome.

After the workout, I improved alot thanks to coach. But it made me realize how far that I have come. More importantly, it made me realize how far that I have to go and I know with alot of hard work I can do it.

A special thanks to my friend , Iron Snoopy. She was also in the class and in the next lane. She offered constant encouragement.

Waddling to watch Biggest Loser.....................

Monday, November 05, 2007


After a rough start to the day, I did get my Team Weight Loss Treadmill workout in tonight. I logged it and amazingly I have worked out 16 days in a row. Woohoo!
Waddling to day 17................

Sunday, November 04, 2007


is for

  • Sunday being my favorite day of the week.

  • Swimming at the pool and feeling good.

  • Spin class which was one hell of a workout.

  • Salad and soup for lunch at Panera.

  • Shopping with my MIL and having a fun afternoon.

  • Sitting in my recliner reading blogs and relaxing

  • Sleep which I will be doing soon before I face Monday

Waddling through an S kind of day.................

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Reality has set in and I know I am at the beginning of an experience of a lifetime. When I trained for the marathon, I learned alot about myself and life. This will teach me alot more. I hope use every piece of information and experience from anyone who will share. Hang on for the ride...

Waddling to train for 70.3........................

Friday, November 02, 2007


Your registration has been successful!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


October's totals:
Bike: 4h 45m
Run: 11h 25m - 41.81 Mi
Swim: 5h 30m
Strength: 1h 25m
Elliptical Training: 20m

Weight Loss = 11.0 lbs.


This morning at 4:50am when my alarm clock went off , I thought the gremlins had changed the time because it was so dark outside. Every clock said the same thing. My team Weight loss class was cancelled tonight because of Trick or Treat. I did not want to skip today so I went to the 5:30am spin class. I don't really care for the instructor so I went to the back and did my own thing. It felt good to have my workout done for the day.

Every year for Halloween we dress up for our patients. Every year the hospitals rules get stricter on what you can do. We always have fun. This year we all had shirts with bats on them that say "BITE ME". Also one of our patients treated us to Pizza for lunch.

Waddling to trick or treat..................

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tonight on the way home from swim class, I had to stop and buy candy for trick or treat tomorrow. It was a tough job. I was starving after class was over. Standing there in the candy aisle-I could have bought everything in sight. (and eaten most of it before I got home) Our nutrition coach told buy something we did not like and not too much. My problem was at that point in time everything looked amazingly good. I ended up buying small bags of animal crackers. My kids could take them for lunch if left over. I got out of the store as quickly as possible.

I got back home just in time to watch the Biggest Loser. I love this show! It gets me so pumped up. I cannot believe they voted cowboy off. I loved him. This year there is more game playing than ever. I cannot imagine having the opportunity like they have.

Waddling to bed....................

Monday, October 29, 2007


Amazingly, I have found alot of motivation. I have worked out the last 10 days in a row. I am finding alot of excitement in preparing to train for a triathlon.

As far as the swimming goes, it is still a work in progress. I was thrilled to hear that they are starting a Master's Swim class at my gym. I had been taking class at another gym which is 30 min. from my house. I am very nervous about it and intimidated by being a newby in the class. It will not stop me now.

As far a my bike, I feel very comfortable. Spinning will help me this winter. When the weather breaks in spring, I know I will ready. I hope to buy a trainer over the winter to get in some extra time.

As far as my running, this is where it all began. My true love. I am slow and will always be slow. But I love to run distance. Keepin a good base will be all important.

Final , but most importantly, to work on my weight. I did weigh myself tonight and since October 1 I have lost 10.5 lbs. I know there is a long way to go but I feel like I am gaining.

I have gotten alot of motivation from the blogs that I have been reading. So many gather it together with a mission. Some are working on speed. Some a new distance. Others like me a triathlon or weight loss. It is a very exciting time.

Waddling to watch IM Lake Placid...............

Sunday, October 28, 2007


You know it's fall when......

  • You go to spin class on Saturday morning and it's almost full
  • You clean out the back of your SUV and take out the bike rack, camelback, and hot weather supplies.
  • Your hubby gets the lawnmower out to grab leaves rather than cut grass.
  • You go out to run on Sunday and wear long tights rather than shorts because there is frost on the ground.
  • You drop your son at the bowling alley for practice rather than the football field.
  • You go your daughter's opening cheer competition for the season.
  • You put on a crock pot of chili.

This is my favorite time of year.

Waddling into fall..............

Sat= Spin- 60 min

Sun = Run -60 min.

Friday, October 26, 2007


This is one of the longest weeks. Every part of my life is busting at the seams. We have double our patient load. (which is not good at a cancer care center) Bino had bowling tryouts for school. Hooch had extra practice for her first cheer competition. Hubby was working long hours. I had my new training schedule. I felt like that I was meeting myself coming and going.

A follow-up to the Chicago marathon and the runner who died. In an investigation, it has been shown he collapse and it took 30 minutes for an ambulance to get to him. The crew that arrived was from the suburb and did not know there was a hospital 6 blocks away and headed a different direction. It also seems he still did have a heartbeat despite early reports. If you are intersted go to CBS 2 Chicago and look in the video library for a report. Again , I ask are these races getting too big to be safe?

Waddling into the weekend....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It has been a crazy busy week.

Monday was busy front to back. I was lucky to get my 1 hour workout in with Team WeightLoss. I did weigh in and I am now at a 7 lb. weight loss. Woohoo! I feel like I have lost mainly in my waist line.

Tuesday was a day off work for R & R . That stands for reflect and rejuvenate. About 15 employees spent the day at a retreat. It was wonderful. I had an opportunity to go for a long walk in the woods. The leaves were awesome. The day ended at swim class where I took a few steps back to freestyle basics and got rid of my noseclip. Coach was impressed.
I did watch Biggest Loser. Can you believe it? A weight gain of 17 lb. in one week. He purposely did it to throw the game. He should have been kicked off.

Today back to work and we are still overwhelmed by new patients. How sad is that. I did make it to TEAM tonight. We met with the nutrtionist and went ove labels and how they fit in to our diet. We had a 30 min treamill workout.
Waddling over the hump................

Monday, October 22, 2007


As always, the plan and the actual vary. Yesterday that happened to me. The plan was to bike then swim. It all started good on the bike except for the 20 mph headwind on the out part. But what came next was 3 games of bowling with Bino. He had tryouts for the HS team and wanted to get some practice before the first day. After that came the swim, which was 30 min. in the pool. I wonder if they could make that a triathlon- Bike, Bowl and Swim. It was alot of fun and a nice break from the ususal.

Waddling into a new week.................

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Last night was an evening that memories are made of.

It was a beautiful fall evening. Perfect for football. It was the last game of the season. The hometown rivals, North and Central , were playing each other. My son, Bino, plays on the sophomore team as a defensive tackle. We scored a touchdown on the first play and the score was 7-0. That also was the final score of the game. It was so awesome to see him out there on the field. He never has played football before this year. He has grown so much physically and emotionally from the experience. He had a few tears in his eyes when the game ended. I also had a few.

The varsity game was next. I looked down at the students section and saw my daughter Hooch in the front. She has taken the year off from cheerleading to focus on a heavy academic schedule to take her senior year easy. As Bino came out of the locker room, he walked passed the student section where Hooch gave him a hug for a great job. He walked up to my hubby and me in the stands. Then as he walked away, he turned to me and said, "I love you, mom" . That's what memories are made of.

Waddling and remembering............

Saturday : Run - 6 miles

Thursday, October 18, 2007


As I said the other day -all my plans are in pencil. Today was a classic .

Work just sucked. My boss has been in Florida with her sick father and today found out he has lung cancer. The prognosis is poor. When she was 14 , she lost her mom to lung cancer. Now to face it again. My heart ached for her.

I am facilitator for a Y-me breast cancer support group. Mid-morning I received a call that a special lady that I am close to has Brain metastisis. Prognosis is bad. When she came in, we both cried and she told me that she was ok with what was happening and I should be too.

When I finally got home, Bino ran in from football practice and reminded me I had a parent meeting for the bowling team which is having tryouts next week.

After getting home from the meeting, I was mentally exhausted. The swim workout plannned was not happening.

Waddling to watch the Cleveland Indians ..........

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Tonight at swim class, we learned the backstoke. My freestyle is still not quite there. Coach wanted to give us something different to keep us motivated and we did some laps. It was a good workout.

My legs were still tired from Team Weight loss from last night. We were pushed for an hour on the treadmill. Coach took our incline up to 10 and gave us 10 lb. weights.My HR really jumped. I got on the scales and found that I'd lost another 2.5 lbs. Brings me a total of 5 lbs. I hope that I can keep this up.

Waddling to stay motivated and watch Biggest Loser..........

Monday : 60 min. treadmill
Tuesday: 45 min. swim class

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Every year I come up with multiple plans and training ideas. This is part 1a that will last 11 weeks until Jan.1.

Main Goal- Weight loss, good base, improve form, and strength
Monday - Team Weight Loss = 60 min.
Tuesday- Swim Class = 45 min.
Wednesday- Team Weight Loss = 60 min.
Thursday - Run/ Swim = 60 min.
Friday - Team Weight Loss = 60 min.
Saturday - Run = 60-120 min.
Sunday - Spin / Swim = 90 min.

Add 3-4 times of core and strength training.

Disclaimer- as always this plan is written in pencil and edited by personal life.

Waddling with a plan...................

Saturday - Spin = 45 min.

Sunday - Run = 5.5 miles & Swim = 30 min.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


It's been 5 days since the Chicago Marathon. Alot of people going back over the events of the day and second guessing. One question or thought that I haven't heard is --- Are these races getting too many runner's? What would have happened on Sunday if the other 10,000 would have shown up?

Sunday's marathon had the best elite finish that I have ever seen. That includes men and women. The times were not world record breaking but the guts and strength were world class. After they finished, TV coverage ended. The next big story of the race was about to begin.

Runner after runner took more than the normal amount of water and Gatorade. There was no way for the volunteers to keep up. Heat exhaustion began setting in. Some out there ran as a whim. Others because they had no respect for the distance and anyone can do it. Others who were truely trained and ready to take on the course.

At about 3.5 hours after the start, heat exhaustion set in for many. There was not much room for the air to move around with all the tall buildings. Many stopped and sat on the curbs. Some sought medical help. Other staggered along, while some runners were running their race the best the could to get to the finish line. Ambulances were called in from all the suburbs that could spare them. One medical tent with 8 nurses saw over 1,000 runners. One nurse alone started 50 IV's. The city was heading for a crisis if many more went down. The race was shutdown. To my friend out there, it became like a war zone. The helicopters were flying overhead. The ambulances were trying to get in from every direction. Runners were laying in the gutters. How much more could the medical community handle?

My friend was turned around at mile 18. There was no reason given and the first thought the way that things looked was that there was a terrorist attack. Eventually they found out what was going on. The Red Cross set up a help line for families to find missing runners- there were over 300 in different hospitals.I could continue with other stories that have nothing to do with the lack of water.

When I volunteered at IM Louisville, the temperature was higher. I think the difference was that the athletes were better trained for the event and there were fewer athletes (2000).

My question still is are these races too big?? What is a safe limit of runners out there if something begins to go wrong.?

Waddling and pondering.......................

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Tonight we met with a nutrition coach(Coach B). We received log books and a workout binder for 12 weeks. Because of the time spent with coach B , we had no time for a workout. I did get alot of information and a goal.

Chicago Marathon Update- My friend received an email which list several upcoming marathons who will give Chicago runners a discount because of the race shutdown. They also promise have water and gatorade.

Waddling to jot in some caolries..............

Monday, October 08, 2007


Team Weight Loss -2A
Tonight was a weigh in, flexibility test and caliper measurements. That took the first 30 min. Then we went to a treadmill workout with incline intervals up to an 8 with 5 lb barbells. We must constantly watch our HR not to go out of zone 3. I am not sure currently where my zones are at so I am scheduled for a MAP test at the gym on Friday. On Weds., we are meeting with the sports nutritionist to get logs. I have lost 2.5 lbs. so far!

Marathon Update-
What a chaotic mess. My friend DeeDee did not get to finsh just like 10,000 others. She did not have any heat related problems. Luckily she had money to buy something to drink at a Shell gas station otherwise she sould have had problems due to the lack of water and gatorade. Officals deny this existed but there was nothing there for the back runners. It will be interesting to see if this has any bearing on Chicago's bid for the Olympics.


Sunday, October 07, 2007


This morning when I got up, I immediately flipped on the TV. Today is the Chicago Marathon. It's 7am and the temperature is already 70 degrees. I remember back to 2003 when I watched this and made my mind up to run it in 2004. I wanted to be part of the thousands of runners at the start and feel the excitement for myself. There was no doubt in my mind that I could be one of those out there.

I got up and headed out the door for a 4 mile run. One mile for every year since then. One mile to glance back to where I have come from.

Mile 1 (2003) After 15 years of not running, I began to run again. I was up to 3 miles. I completed my first 5 K race and was thrilled with 34:50. I made up my mind to run the Chicago Marathon in 2004. In 1988 while training for the Columbus marathon, I injured my knee on my last 20 mile run. It was important to me to finally take a shot at the marathon distance.

Mile 2 ( 2004) My sights for focused on the marathon. I began the season with a 10k in May. That day when I finished the race, I officially signed up for Chicago. I started increasing my mileage. I used Marathoning for Mortals by John Bingham as my guide. In August, I ran the Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon. Then in October completed my first marathon. I was on top of the world.

Mile 3 (2005) I made the decision to sign up for Chicago again. I did my half earlier in May at Indy. My friend DeeDee also had signed up for Chicago. My training was right on track. This year I leaned toward Jeff Galloway training. In September , I ran a PR at the USAF half marathon. When October came, I lined up for my 2nd time in Chicago. Unfortunately at mile 22 my knee began hurting so bad that I walked the last 4.2 miles.

Mile 4 (2006) After recovering for my ITB injury in my right knee, I began spin class. There I met Mary who introduced me to the world of biking. I loved it and bought my first road bike. I decided no marathon this year. Because I can't swim, I decided to do some duathlons and half marathins this year. I really enjoyed doing the 2 sports.

Cooling off (2007) A quick glance at this year started with siging up for the Flying Pig Marathon. I had no desire to run Chicago again. After the marathon, my focus was truely the duathlon. I enjoyed every race that I did. A highlight also was going to Louisville and volunteering at Ironman. How inspiring. That's when my goals for 2008 began popping in my head. I needed to learn how to swim as soon as possible. Because I knew that 2008's big goal would be a half Ironman.

In all of this, I realized how lucky I am to be able to dream something and do it. I hope I can continue and always have the faith to go on.

Waddling to the future..............

Saturday, October 06, 2007


I did my first swim brick this morning. With the weather being hot and humid early, I decided to head for the gym.

SWIM- I spent 30 min in the pool. I focused on the drills that I learned in class. I'm not going to worry too much about distance until Jan. 1. I need to concentrate on the learning to swim and good form. I felt like I did get better but I have to admit I was wearing my nose plugs.


Spin - After the pool, I changed and headed for a 60 min. spin class. There was different instructor that I had not experienced before. I also forgot my HR monitor. I talked myself into at least doing 30 minutes. She made up the workout as she went and it did not go with the song that was playing. at 30 minutes I had just made it my own workout. I did complete the 60 minutes.

Just a note - tomorrow on TV Versus has on IM Coeur d'Alene. I am anxious to see the course as I know several friends that are planning to do it.

Waddling to clean and do laundry(woohoo).........

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Alot of excitement in Chicagoland this week with the 30th running of the Chicago. I want to shout out to my friend DeeDee who will be running this for her 3rd year. She has really put her heart and soul into her training and I wish her the best. Also a good luck to Juls who is coming in from California. She has had a very tough year and deserves an awesome day. The weather will be untypical for Chicago -forecast is for 85 and sunny.


Tuesday night's swim class was not as good. I tried tonight to go without nose clips. I can't get the breathing down yet. I get so caught up in worrying about the breath that my form stinks. I might concentrate on my form now and work on the breathing later. Next week is the last week for Ripples. I hope I can still graduate.

Tonight we were supposed to meet with the nutritionist. On week 1,6, and 12- the team weighs in and gets measurements done. The nutritionist was off sick so they added on a free week for us and there will acutallu be 13 weeks to the program. We were on the treadmill again for 60 min. Today was incline intervals between 2 -4-6 . We added 5 lb weights to work our arms also at different time. I was drenched with sweat when I was done. I thought about swimming but my legs were just too tired. When I left the gym, I felt like I am really heading the right direction.

Good Luck -DeeDee and Juls!!!!!!!!!
Waddling to lose weight..........

Monday, October 01, 2007


The first piece of my training program is to lose weight. Tonight I joined a program at my gym for TEAM WEIGHT LOSS. It's like being on a team on the Biggest Loser except our team trainer is Pat. Pat came to us from the University of Cincinnati-he was their fitness trainer.

There are 10 on our team. It covers 3 months. Tonight was a treadmill workout. It was intervals that were heart rate based. We have 3 workouts per week with the trainer. We added incline, hand weights and stretch bands at different times.
I will finish this and be lighter and hopefully more ready to begin hard training January 1.

So now I have a swim coach and a trainer.

Waddling into base training.....................

Sunday, September 30, 2007



Today was a great beginning to the weekend. This week-end is Homecoming weekend for my kids who are both in high school. It was the perfect evening for the football game. My son Bino is on the JV team. He had a good game and they won 38-10. The harvest moon was a perfect addition to the fall type evening.
Another day to wake up to beautiful sunshine. The house was busy with activity early. The homecoming parade was at 9am and both kids were in the parade. My hubby headed for his mom's house. I headed for the gym to catch the 830 spin class.

I got to the gym early so I was stopped at the personal trainer desk. This past week was my birthday and my hubby got me a certificate at the gym. Amazingly I found out that there TEAM WEIGHT LOSS program begins a new group on Monday. I also made an appointment with a trainer for an evaluation. I believe losing some weight will be my key to 2008. Something to think about this weekend for sure.
Tonight was the Homecoming dance- "Midnight in Paris". Bino's date cancelled on him so he was going with some of the other football players. At the game on Friday night , he met a girl from the other school . Her date for our homecoming had also cancelled. she had all the paperwork filled out so Bino invited her to meet him. At the door they would not let her in because Bino's name was not the name on the forms. He ended up having a great time and was invited to the girl's homecoming next weekend. Hooch went with a group of 32 friends. They had a great time and it was a beautiful evening.
As soon as the sun came up, I headed for the gym. I did an easy 30 minutes in the treadmill then headed for the pool. I worked on just basic for 30 minutes. I have a long way to go but I'm on my way.

I did sign up for my first triathlon today. Registration opened for the Accenture in Chicago. It always fills fast.

The rest of the day was spent with catch up and getting ready for the work week. I also made homemade chicken/noodle soup. Um,Um good.

September totals:
Bike: 3h 30m - 41 Mi
Run: 8h 44m 55s - 39 Mi
Swim: 5h 55m
Strength: 25m
Elliptical Training:25min

Waddling into October...............

Friday, September 28, 2007


Monday will officially begin my 2008 training season. I've picked 6 goal races. There will be no marathons in 2008 as I want to try triathlons this year. I do plan on doing 2 half marathons because I love that distance.

Here it is:
5/3 Indy 500 Half Marathon--I love running this race with the 35,000 others. Great experience no PR.
5/17 Galena Triathlon --- I have done the Duathlon the past 2 years. It was well run with a very challenging bike course. Swim 660 yd / bike 16.8 mile/ run 4.3 mile
6/25 Subaru Women's Triathlon -- This Tri is the closest Tri to my house and I have always watched from the sidelines. I am looking forward to being close to home.
8/2 Steelhead 70.3 Half Ironman --- Now I have said it out loud!! This will be my "A" race for 2008. I am so excited!
8/24 Chicago Accenture Triathlon --- A world class race close by. Looking forward to the experience.
9/20 Us AirForce Half Marathon -- A trip home to Ohio to see my dad. The best half that I have ever run.

Well - there it is. All official looking. Monday , October 1st is game on to lay the base. Hang on for a ride!!!!

Waddling with a huge smile .......................

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last night was swim class #4. It went so well. I worked on the single switch with breathing and at the end the triple switch. I am still having trouble with my breathing but coach said my form was good.

I have 2 more Ripples classes. The you graduate to Strokes or repeat Ripples. Out of the 6 of us- Nancy and I are going on. I was so, so excited! My coach also suggested that I join Waves which is the Master's swim team. Can you believe it?? I am no where near being the swimmer to do a Tri yet but........Coach thinks I'm on track for my "A" race next summer.

When I got home, thank heaven for TIVO Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars was going head to head. I love them both. I can't believe they voted Jerry off the Blue Team and How much better the women dancers are than the men. It's going to be a good season for both.

Waddling to work after lunch..........

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Last night, on the way home from work, I stopped at the gym to swim. I thought it would not be busy since it was dinner time. I was wrong. Our gym has a lap pool with 6 lanes. They were all full. Being new to this, I had no idea what to do. Maybe I should wait until someone finishes especially since I am just learning. Another man came out and took a look and jumped in to share a lane. After 5 minutes of watching - the lady in lane 2 seemed to be just learning also so I jumped in that lane when she was close to the other end.

After 2 laps, I looked up to find the lady staring and giving me a dirty look. I did not even come near her when swimming. She immediately went to the ladder , climbed out and left.

Did I do something wrong?
Should I have asked first before jumping in?
I swam on the right of the lane- is that correct?

These are all question that I need to ask tonight at swim class. I'd rather not get my butt kicked in the parking lot.

Waddling with no pool etiquette..........

Elipptical : 25 min.
Swim : 25 min.

Monday, September 24, 2007


This is Scooter!!!!
My MIL adopted him yesterday from Rover Rescue. They are a perfect match. His owner just passed away and he was very lonely without family. Now he belongs to ours.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


This week-end has been spent finishing past items and now focusing on the future.

Yesterday my hubby and MIL made a return trip to Cleveland where she lived before moving to Illinois in April. The purpose was to visit my FIL's grave. His stone that they designed was put into place and it was important to make the trip for the peace of mind in putting things to rest. I know the day sucked for both of them as it is now approaching the 1 year anniversary of the cancer diagnosis and the subsequent 5 weeks of hell watching my FIL die. That is now behind us and it is time to focus ahead.

Today I am taking my MIL to a dog rescue. She is very lonely living alone and wants a companion. I tried to give her one of my 3 dogs but they were all homesick for us. So today -we will go see if there is a furry friend for her. Hopefully I will update this later today with a photo. I want to make this as fun and exciting for her as I can.

The sun is shining and I feel someone is smiling down on us.

Waddling to pet puppies...................
Saturday : Spin : 60 min.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Since the 2007 season is complete, it is time to start laying the groundwork for 2008. My primary goal is getting this swimming thing down by January. I also take this opportunity to take try some different classes at the gym. I printed off the fall schedule and may try some next week.

Other goals include keeping my running base of 2 days a week with the longer run of 6 miles and 1-2 days of spin per week. I think until January there will not be alot of structure then real training will kick in. Hopefully with several tri's on the schedule.

Weds.- Run : 45 min.
Thurs - Swim : 30 min.

Waddling and building a base.................

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



Along with the change of seasons to fall, homecoming also comes for the kids in High school. Hooch is a junior. Every year she goes with a group rather than an individual because she enjoys it more. Bino ,my son who is a sophomore now ,invited a girl last year who changed her mind the week before homecoming and went with someone else. This year he has had a relationship with a girl for months and asked her to homecoming. Yesterday (10 days before the dance) she decided to go with her ex-boyfriend who she still had feelings for. How tough!! I wish I could do something to help ease the hurt but he seems to be doing great. He has decided to go anyway with a group of guys from his football team. Growing up is tough.

Last night was swim class #3. I did the side float with the flutter kick and added the breathing. The coach then had me raise my arm and flip to the other side. Cool. Then to go side to side and add the arms. Yeah!!!!!!! My homework switch 3 times then take a breath!!!! I can do this!!!!!!!!
I'm Swimming!!!!!!!!

Swim: 50 min / drills

Waddling and flipping................

Monday, September 17, 2007


My race season is now complete. It is an exciting time for me. I love planning and organizing. It is time to start looking at 2008 and laying some groundwork. I have signed up for my first and and put it on my calendar. It is the Indy 500 Mini-marathon. The date is the first weekend in May. I've done it once and loved it.

I feel satisfied with 2007. I had no time goals at all. I did 1 full marathon, 2 half marathons, and 4 duathlons. Most importantly- I enjoyed every experience. I was also injury free besides a few scrapes from bike wrecks.

Swim : 30 min.

Waddling and planning............................

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Weekends like this are few and far between.

On Friday, Hooch and I arrived to take my dad to lunch. Following that we went to the runner's expo and packet pick up. While we were there Hooch noticed a sign that was for a blood drive for the troops. She had never given before but was immediately drawn to it. On her own she filled out the papers then jumped in the chair and donated. We were so proud of her.

On Saturday morning, I awoke to the most perfect running day. Sunny and 45. I had no expectations going into this race. I really hadn't trained for it. I felt no pressure at all to do a certain time. After running this the past 2 years, I knew the course and what was ahead. I just wanted to enjoy it.

This is by far the best half marathon I've run for the experience of it. The support on the course is unbelievable. The first 2 miles are up a slow grinding hill. I could see the ROTC guys ahead of with with all their gear and heavy packs. They chanted as they ran. Water station after water station the cheering was overwhelming. I tried to thank every serviceman that I could along the route. Before I knew it , I was at the turn around. My pace was comfortable and I was enjoying each step. When I hit 9 miles, I knew the worst hill was around the corner. I decided to walk up and prepare for the finish. When I hit 11 miles, my watch read 2:28:10. I was surprised. I had 32 minutes to do the last 2.1 miles and break 3 hours. Most of it was downhill and I knew that I was fine. The finish line is spectacular. The last .25 miles it is like a runway through military airplanes on both side. The cheering is deafening. I saw Hooch and my dad-stopped for a high five and a hug- then finished. I could see the tears in my dad's eyes. To put the icing on the cake, was the medal put on by a colonel. Then the cherry on top was lunch at Frisch's Big Boy.

To complete this perfect day, we went to my cousin's daughter's wedding. I got to see alot of my aunts and uncles on dad's side. He is the oldest of 8 kids. Hooch enjoyed the wedding especially the part where the Groom pushes the bride around in a decorated wheelbarrow.

Sunday came quickly and it was time to head for home. Time flies. Last year on this weekend, my in-laws came down from Cleveland to meet us for dinner and celebrate my 50th birthday. Little did we know that within a month my father-in-law would be diagnosed with an agressive cancer and pass away the day after Thanksgiving.

This weekend and race will always have a special place in my heart.

Run : 13.1 miles / 2:56:55 / 13:31 pace

Waddling with alot of emotion......................

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I spent last night with my head in a bowl of water. Not my whole head but just my face. I took the suggestion to get a large bowl of water and set it on the counter and practiced breathing and turning my head. My son wanted to take a picture with his camera phone because no one would believe him. NO WAY! I think I've got the hang of it a little bit. But I will not give up. I have to get this to do a triathlon.

Tomorrow , I am leaving for Ohio for the week-end with my daughter Hooch.
I am going to my dad's house to stay and running the USAF Half marathon on Saturday. I love this race! You start at the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson ans it is a lovely bu hilly course on the base. Military from all over the world come in to run this. There is also alot of competition between the armed forces. All the water stops are done by the military and the patriotism is unbelievable. The problem this year is that I am totally not trained for a half. Especially on these hills. I plan on doing a 3 run:2 walk ratio (minutes). Enjoy everything and the smile on my 85 year old dad's face when I finish. It will be followed by an evening at one of my cousin's kid's good old country wedding with square dancing. Yee-haw!!!

Waddling to Ohio.....................

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Last night was swim lesson #2. I did not do as well as the first one. We started off by back float and side float with flutter kick-no problem. Then cam the part where you add the breathing to the side float. My childhood swim lessons came back to me in a rush. I can't exhale or blow bubbles into the water. It goes out my mouth but not my nose. Is that stupid or what? I am surprised there is any water left in the pool- I sucked it all down. Besides the breathing we added an arm motion. I defintely need some pool time before next class. Would it be stipid to wear nose plugs until I got better or would it be a bad habit?

Also last night was the season premier of THE BIGGEST LOSER. I love that show and wish I could be on it. I can't wait until nest week when the Black team shows up with Jillian.

Waddling while exhaling.....................

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007


This weekend was a great mix of things.
First , homecoming dress shopping was a huge success. The 3rd dress we tried on was perfect. Can you believe it?? We found shoes and matching jewelery. All completed in 2 hours. It was amazing.

Sunday was Ironman Wisconsin. I am almost becoming obsessed with watching Iroman events. Ironman Live was on my laptop for the entire 17 hours. After the start of the swim, I grabbed my bike to head out for a ride. After fighting with a flat tire for an hour-I was deflated and bagged it.

Congratulations to all those who completed IMMOO especially Iron Wil.

Sunday evening, I went to the gym for a swim. I hate to say swim yet because I am just on my side kicking. I did 8 laps which is 400 meters. I happened to buy the book Total Immersion Swimming and started to read it. It seems like my swim teacher is following the steps exactly. I am looking forward to class # 2 tomorrow evening. Also since I bought ear plugs and a swim cap, I haven't been dizzy anymore.

Swim : 30 min. / 8 laps

Waddling through Monday..........