Saturday, April 14, 2007


Kudos to Naperville Running Company! They are a class act. When I got there , I was immediately told someone would be with me as quick as possible. I saw Scott who had waited on me before. They were really hopping today. I brought my Asics Gel Kayano with me to show them the wear pattern and explain what was happening.
Scott waited on me. He looked at my shoes and I explained my achilles thing. He felt that I need the stability and maybe a higher heel. It woulf take some of the stretch off my achilles. The first pair was the Saucony . Felt good. Then compared to a New Balance, Nike and Mizuno. The Saucony still felt the best. Scott suggested that I wear my new shoes on my long run to immediately address my problem. Also he thought using the stick roller on it would work it out. Chris the manager checked me out and we talked about back of the pack runners. They go out of their way to try to help everyone and offer great advice. I did get some Power Gel to try for tomorrow rather than GU.

It's hard to find good customer service anymore but these guys are the tops. Joe also had a good experience there. Thanks!

Waddling to get ready for tomorrow.......


Tomorrow will be my last long run before the PIG. I am going for approximately 20 miles. 20 years ago on my last long before the Columbus Marathon, I was running from Springfield ,Ohio to Troy, Ohio and my rt knee pain was so bad that I did not make it past 10 miles. It's one of those things you never forget. All that training and no marathon. Today when my feet hit the floor, my rt achilles was very tight. When I walk, it pops alittle. I was thinking of getting new shoes but I plan on going to the Naperville Running Company today so I'll see what they say. I also want to get some Power Gel rather GU. It seems like the Gu is upsetting my stomach.

Waddling to .......

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


RUN: 70 min. / TREADMILL / 5 MILES

I woke up this morning to the most unusual sight. White stuff on my bushes!!! I am so sorry to all of you that I signed up for a spring marathon. This is my last big week of training before the taper. So next week's weather should be beautiful. I headed for the treadmill at the gym tonight because the rain was coming down so hard.
Ameican Idol is on tonight. I am anxious to see who will be kicked off. I was disappointed with last night.
Waddling to watch TV......

Monday, April 09, 2007


ELLIPTICAL : 40 min.

I spent today rethinking yesterday's post, your comments ,and how I felt after the run. I will run the full PIG but I will remove the time goal and now my sidebar states to finish my 3rd marathon. I feel better about things now. I know I can finish!!

Tonight my legs were tired. The weather outside was cold with snow flurries. I headed for the gym and chose the elliptical. I watched Dancing with the Stars while working out. I liked Apollo the best - WOW!

Tomorrow night I have my Y-ME support group meeting so there will be no workout. I will record American to watch later. Will someone please get Sanjay off??

Waddling to catch some ZZZZs.............

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy and joyous Easter to everyone and their families.

RUN: 15 MILES / 3:45/ 4R:1W / 15:00 ave pace

Today's run was one that I cannot find a description for. It wasn't a bad run. I finished the 15 miles that I had hoped to finish in about the time that I had expected. The weather was grey and in the 30's. Not bad. I had enough GU and water. It wasn't good either. I struggled the last 1-2 miles. My rt ankle gave out 3 times for some unknown reason. It didn't give me that good feeling I was looking for with only 4 weeks until the PIG. I certainly have some questions in my mind if I am ready for the PIG. My training schedule was off due to everything that has happened in my personal life since October.

Next weeks long run is 20. I plan on running at Waterfall Glen which has some hills in it. I hope it goes well. In the back of my mind , I am wondering if I should run the half at the PIG and reorganize for a fall marathon. Something to think about.

My MIL discovered excercise this week and is hooked. She took her first class ever in her (active adult) community clubhouse. She loved it and then tried the treadmill. We spent yesterday shopping for house things, workout clothes, and a swimsuit for water aerobics. It is great to see things going well for her.

Waddling to hunt some Easter eggs.............