Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am trying not to complain about the weather on every post but it was another brutal day here in Chicagoland. It did warm up since yesterday morning by 33 degrees but that only took it to a temperature of 5 degrees. But today let us add in wind and more snow.

Today, I logged my first brick work out. Because of the resolutions currently at the gym, you need to get to spin 20-30 minutes early to get a cycle. I threw my stuff on a bike and headed for a 15 minute run on the dreadmill. I am actually feeling the beginnings of getting in better shape.

Tomorrow is the beginning of an eight week session in Master's Swim. It is tough currently getting motivated to go jump in a swimming pool with the weather we have been having. (So sorry-complaining again)

Waddling and grumbling on a winter day.............

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The temperature was near 80. The bright sunshine warmed me all over. There was a light breeze. It felt like it would be the perfect day to go out for a bike ride or a run. This was absolutely a day to be outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Then it happened....

The alarm went off. I woke up and looked out back. The dream was over and reality hit hard. More snow. Zero temperatures. High winds.

Waddling on another winter day...................

Monday, January 12, 2009


Recap of week 1:

  • Did increase water intake and decrease Diet MD
  • Weight loss = 2 lbs.
  • Worked out 6 day for a total of 5:45
  • Only did 10 situps 3 days
  • Tracked food only 4 days
  • Body felt sore but good and I enjoyed workouts
  • Had first IM nightmare.

The week ahead:

  • Master's swim resumes this week on Tuesday.
  • Increasing weekend run from 4 to 5 miles for half training
  • Begin 200 situp challenge
  • Continue all other goals.

Waddling into week 2............