Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This so far has been one hell of a week. Monday was good . A rest day after the race. I felt good. No soreness. Looking forward to getting back to training.

Tuesday was the everchanging day. The morning began challenging. The power had been out during the night and the treatment machines were down. After an hour I was able to get things working again. My MIL then came in to volunteer at the hospital. She makes heart pillows for the open-heart patients. She was in a hurry after dropping me off a stuffed penguin in honor of my race. She was walking in the hall then tripped and fell. After a trip to the ER, she had a broken wrist. They put it in a cast and sent her home.

Tuesday evening , I had to facilitate a meeting of my support group(Y-Me). During the meeting, my hubby ran in and my MIL was in ER again after a fall at home. Shit. She had pain in her hip and elbow. Xrays were negative but she was in so much pain they kept her and I was glad. It was 130am on Wednesday when my MIL got to her hospital room and settled. I was too tired to go home. I found an empty bed in our department and slept a couple of hours.

My daughter Hooch came home ofter work. Her bedroom is in the basement. She was going down and tripped on a cat. Down she went. But no major injuries.

Today , my MIL is still in the hospital. More tests are being run. I have done nothing all week. I again am so exhausted that I did not workout.

Not waddling..................

Sunday, August 12, 2007


USAT Mideast Championship-- 5k run / 40k bike / 10k run

Put another duathlon in the books for me. I made it.

Pre-race- For some reason, I was really nervous for today's race. It was the mid-east Championship, Tri-club championship, and world qualifier. Everyone seemed so serious. The highlight was waiting in the Port-a-john line. The man in front of me who was 65 and in the Tri struck up a conversation. He wanted to know why did the Du and not the Tri. I explained that I could not swim. He was surprised because I have so much built in flotation in my body. (I am fluffy but what an idiot)

Run 1- 33:59/ 10:57 paceIt was already getting hot at 730 am. We took off and I found myself running with another lady. It was her second Du. We ran together at a nice pace and she talked the entire time. I just listened and it went fast. I was surprised at my time. Faster than what wanted. Luckily there was alot of cloud cover.

T1 - 2:04 I tried to get a couple of shot Blox in me but choked myself and skipped it. When I got on my bike the chain popped off.

Bike - 1:35:04 / 15.7mph ave speed. The sun came out and things heated up. Sugar gave me a great ride. It wasn't the bike that I had hoped for.

T2- 2:53 My legs did not want to go. Temperature up to 89. Got a quick drink. Took off my Evil Garmin as I've hit the wrong button again.

Run 2 - 1:31:02 / 14:42 pace My legs felt like cement and the first half mile was bad. I went to a 4 run: 1walk ratio. Alot of the Tri people were passing me. Everyone that went by gave me words of encouragement. It was awesome. I knew that I would finish but I was slowing down quickly. Every mile had a water station and I stopped at every one of them. With under 2 mile to go, a man in the tri was beside of me and told me that "We own this race now!" And he was right. I know I gave it everything that I had. Sometimes I feel like don't give it my all and I have too much left at the finish. I know that today this was not true. I had nothing left.

Total time = 3:45:19
2nd place in F 50-54 age group

Waddling with a trophy and alot of satisfaction...............