Thursday, May 08, 2008


Tonight , I went for a bike ride at Waterfall Glen with Iron Snoopy. When I got home and took the bike hitch off my SUV and raised the hatch to put it in , i realized something. I had become a Bag Lady. My life had become whatever bag that I need to pull of of the back of my car.

There were at least 6 large gym bags in the back of my car. The was one for toiletries for showering / blow dryer and personal items. There were 2 biking bags including one for outdoor biking and one for spin. My run bag, Swim bag, bag for work, and emergency extras rounded off the batch. I feel like that I live my life out of the back end of my car.

Updated water temperature from Galena is 57 degrees.

Wadlling with my bags.............

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Today, the latest water temp. update from Galena was 53 degrees. It went down 2 degrees. I think the chance of my first Tri being 10 days away is dimming quickly. I have done the duathlon there the past 2 years but finally learned to swim to do the Tri.

Actually , I am not too upset. I could use a few more weeks of swimming under my belt. This mornings swim went really good. I am finally getting this bilateral breathing thing I think. I also think someone put a thinner in the water because over the weekend it was like swimming in pudding.

Tonight's workout ended up to be a 60min. spin class.

Waddling into Wednesday.............

Monday, May 05, 2008


The weather was beautiful this evening. I was planning to go out and run with Dakota but my tri bike was on my mind. The last time that I rode it my front gear became stuck. Bino and I loaded up and headed for Bicycles, Etc. The guys were great and it was good to see Fred again. They listened to what I had to say and answered all my questions.

While they worked on my bike, I was able to shop around the store. I picked up a couple of packs of Recoverite. Iron Snoopy and I were talking about recovery drinks on the run Sunday and I bought a couple of packs to give it a try. I am realizing also how little that I know about triathlon nutrition.

My bike is working great -thanks to the guys. I am looking forward to a longer ride this weekend. I never got out for my run but always enjoy time at the bike store.

Water temperature for Galena has been posted--55 degrees. I think it need to reach 61 for the swim to happen.

Waddling to put Sugar away.........................

Sunday, May 04, 2008


FRIDAY-- I had the day off from work because of a meeting that I was attending on Saturday. My plan A was to go to Waterfall Glen and ride my mountain bike for a couple of 10 mile loops. Of course the weatherman had other ideas-thunderstorms. Plan B went in to action which meant a 45 min swim followed by a 1 hour spin. In the afternoon I had a great lunch with my MIL.

SATURDAY- I had an all day meeting so I planned a day off which worked well with the sucky weather.

SUNDAY- The morning began bright and early with a 6am swim. I swam for an hour and did a ladder with focus on my breathing. After a quick shower, I met up with Iron Snoopy, Moose and Jen and we drove to Glen Ellyn for an 8am run with the runners club. We did six miles and the weather was phenomenal.

In the afternoon, I went to Route 66 Dragstrip to watch Bino and my hubby race their Firebird. They made it through the first round then lost. I don't understand much about cars but it was a great day to be outdoors.

Looking back at the week, I did get 8.5 hours training done this week and felt good.

There is less than 2 weeks until Galena. They have not posted any water temps yet. I think it's been too cold to warm up the lake and will change to a duathlon. I am looking for another sprint tri for the beginning of June.

Waddling toward the work week.............