Saturday, May 02, 2009

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

Waddler 2:52
Snips 2:50

Waddling after a great day............

Race report later.

Friday, May 01, 2009


Friday morning, Snips and I packed up the car and headed south. The farther we got the worse the weather became. We stopped for an awesome lunch at Cracker Barrel. The rain really started coming down. The temperature began to drop quickly.

After checking in, we headed for the Expo. Luckily the walk was short as the cold, rainy wind blew against us. Can I say that on the suck scale it ranked at least a 9? (Again, I am bitching about the weather). The Expo was excellent and well organized. Snips and I found some awesome shirts that seemed to express both our feelings. Mine is the white one . Snips bought the pink one.

As we were walking back to the hotel in the cold ,wet weather, we decided to go to the pasta dinner. We were the first ones there. Snips mentioned that it was a sign of us getting older being the first in line. The set up was great. We tried not to stuff our selves too much but our plate was loaded. We headed back to the hotel into the cold, wet, windy weather. Immediately the decision was made to take a cab.

As soon as we returned to our warm, dry room, we looked at the forecast for the AM. Go figure------WET & COLD but not windy. So we're getting everything ready to race tomorrow in the weather we avoided by running on the treadmill. Goal for the day is to have alot of fun and finish. We have reservations at PF Changs the half to celebrate our day.

Waddling to rest before the Indy Mini...........

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Does this sound familiar? It is 6 am and I receive a text message from Snips. We needed to do our last long run before Indy. Taking a look at the radar you can see why we AGAIN headed for the treadmill for 2 hours. Flipper decided to join us for our workout. We grabbed 3 treadmills in the back corner of the gym and away we went. The time went much quicker than you would think. Congrats to Flipper who did her longest run ever and on the treadmill.

Perpetuem was my nutrition drink for the day. I wanted to try it out while I had a bathroom near by. I liked the orange flavor. No problems in the 2 hour mixture.

If you don't count the weather, training is going good. Week 2 is completed and 7 hours were logged. Still feeling good, motviated, and no injury. This week I will back it off because of the half on Saturday.

Waddling while complaining about the weather (again).......