Saturday, April 21, 2007


RUN: 5K / 33:35 / AVE PACE 10:48
MILE 1 = 11:11
MILE 2 = 10:51
MILE 3 = 10:28
MILE .1= 9:14

It was a perfect day for running! The temp. was around 50 and the sun was shining. I hate 5K races. But I wanted to get my one for the year out of the way now and see where I was at. My goal was to break 35:00. I was nervous if I could do that. My pace has been very slow with my long runs.

I wore my Garmin to keep an eye on my pace because I tend not to stay focused. The race started and I quickly fell to the back. I looked at my watch and I was at 11:08 pace. I felt like I couldn't settle in. After I passed one mile I looked at my pace and it was 13:40. I had lost focus. It was time to come out of the comfort zone and regroup. I keep and eye on my pace the rest of the way not to go over 11:00. I was shocked and happy at my time when I finished. Better than expected.

When I got home ,just out of curiosity, I plugged my time in some predictors to see what they said for my marathon. Here are the results:
AGE GRADING = 5:17:26
VO2MAX = 5:15:53
Something to think about for sure. I am going with Purdy.

Waddling to plan my taper.....................

Thursday, April 19, 2007


RUN: 30 MIN.

Tonight was an awesome night. Bicycles Etc. in Naperville sponsored Trek's "Ladies Night Out". Iron Snoopy and I hooked up and went. It was a demo of bike fitting and explaining the difference in the WSD fit. It was really interesting. I saw a Blue Tri bike that I fell in love with. After that they went through how to change a flat tire. I have never had the pleasure but I am sure the day will come for me to do this. They served wine,crackers, cheese,and fruit. Very well put on. The door prizes were exceptional also. I won a Saris Bike carrier for the car and it was Pink in support of breast Cancer research. How cool!

The best part was the fun with Iron Snoopy. She has a great sense of humor so there were alot of laughs. Also some great stories about learning to ride road bikes. I know I did get bothersome with all my questions about her Ironman training. I am very envious of her opportunity and find the training fascinating.

Waddling into TGIF...........

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


SPIN : 1:00 : AVR HR= 148 / MAX HR= 167

"Confidence and Determination" was the phrase for tonight's spin class. It was a hell of a workout. The was the usual big hill but before and after was alot of speed work at 110rpm. The visual was that wild dogs were chasing us. Except for when we got out of the saddle to climb , my legs felt good.

Back to reality TV--- I recorded American Idol and Dancing with the Stars so I need to watch those before work tomorrow when everyone tells me what happened.

Waddling to grab the remote........

Sunday, April 15, 2007


RUN : 20 MILES / 5:05 / 4R:1W

It's in the books. My 20 mile run and 3 weeks until the PIG. It was absolutely the perfect day for a long run. 35 at the start and 55 at the finish. I chose Waterfall Glen for today's run. It is a loop of 9.6 miles and I planned to do it twice and add some extra in to get the 20. The most important reson was to get some hills under my belt. I viewed the elevation for the PIG and the first half certainly has some uphills. Here is the elevation plot for my run today:
For the entire run, I tried to ignore the pace on the Garmin and just run by feel. I think that I did better without the pressure. Also I had my new Saucony Hurricane's on today. AWESOME!!! It was on of the best moves that I made. Thanks Scott. My hydration was a mixture of half gatorade and half water. That worked good. I also did better with the Power Gels vs. the GU. This was a confidence builder for the marathon for sure.

Next weekend, I plan a 5K race on Saturday. I might try to put my time on some predictors just out of curiosity.

Waddling to get some food because I'm starved.........