Saturday, February 14, 2009


I had been thinking for hours where I could make reservations for House and I to have dinner on Valentine's Day. Then driving in my car and listening to a commercial -I knew! Valentine's dinner at White Castle. I actually love White Castle and so does House. I called the number and have reservations for 2 at 6 pm. I am excited. After a tough week, I can't think of a better way to lighten things up!

Waddling on Valentine's Day........................
UPDATE: The tables were covered and had flowers & candles. We were seated by a hostess and given a menu. Our choice was to start with the appetizer(2 onion rings,2 chicken rings and 2 fish nibbblers). The main entree was the "Sweetheart Special" which was 10 White castle hamburgers, 2 fries and 2 drinks. The service was excellent. House and I decided that this could become a tradition!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Our lives are made by certain experiences that are life changing. Some have small effects while others change the course of your future. How we handle things and adjust makes us the people that we are and we will become.

My mother in law is again facing huge changes. She is a product of the time when smoking was cool and a normal part of life. After smoking for 40 years, she found out she had emphysema. That was 6 years ago and she changed her life by quiting smoking. This week after being taken to the emergency room by ambulance for shortness of breath, she is facing another huge change. The rest of her life she will need to be hooked to oxygen. She is being very brave about it but I think she is not home yet and the full reality had not yet hit.

House also is facing his surgery on Monday to permanently implant the neurostimulator. His life will also be changed forever.

My life has not had any specific events like their changes. I have gotten the fallout effects. This has not stopped my journey to Iron just required a few adjustments. All things happen for a reason that shape our future.

Waddling on the journey...........

Sunday, February 08, 2009

I was never so excited as when I got up to run 6 miles today. After weeks of running on the dreadmill because of the weather, the sun was shining. The temperature was just over 30 on the way to 40. Glenn Ellyn Runners meet every Sunday morning and Snips was meeting me there. It had been weeks since we had run together and there was alot of catching up to do.

Snips signed up for the Chicago Marathon again this year. I plan on running part of it with her. Glancing quickly at my training schedule, it looks like about 16 miles on that weekend. What better way to get it done!

My funk at the end of the week has dissipated thanks to today's run. Snips is such an upbeat and positive person. I appreciate every time that we get to run together. For years, I trained alone. Now that I train with others, I am amazed at the difference that it makes.

Waddling after a great weekend..............