Friday, January 23, 2009


Surgery went well for House. He is getting relief from having the Trial Neurostinulator. It will be taken out next Thursday. He has 3 weeks to decide if it will be implanted permanently.

I did get to the gym this AM and got 5 tough miles in on the dreadmill. Can you say --Boring?

Waddling into the weekend.............

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am writing today from the surgery waiting room at Loyola. (My hubby's new nickname is House because of his leg pain and his cane. )House(Hubby) is in surgery for the next 2 hours. Today we have come to what Dr Buck says is the last ditch effort to control his RSD pain in is right foot and ankle. Since his diagnosis in September, he has been through 15 nerve blocks. There have been many , many medication changes. Currently to make the pain somewhat tolerable he takes 20 pills per day.

What began as a minor ankle injury in July has turned in to 6 months of hell for House. On an MRI, it was shown that his talus bone in his ankle has osteonecrosis. Surgery was done in August to try to save the bone. He developed cellulitis after the surgery. After that resolved, he developed increasing pain. On September 5th, he was diagnosed with RSD or CRPS. Dr Buck, his specialist at Loyola, has exhausted everything to relieve his pain. During this period, he developed an aneurysm in his ankle and had major surgery to repair that.

Today he is having a temporary neurostimulator placed in his spine. This will be in place for 6 days as a trial period for pain control. Then it will be removed and House will decide if he wants to have one implanted permanently. It is considered successful if he receives 50% pain relief. The permanent one will be implanted in 3-4 weeks.

Time is passing slowly as we are waiting.

Not waddling just waiting..............

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today was a day that changed history. We should all celebrate the freedom that has been shown by electing President Obama. To be honest, I did not vote for him. I have been very impressed by him and his transition. I am proud to be an American to day and I am ready to commit to a bright future for our nation.
Waddling as a proud American.............

Monday, January 19, 2009

WEEK 3 OF 14 (Pre-IM)

Recap of last week:

  • Weight loss= -2 lbs (total= -4)
  • Drinking more water but still drinking Diet MD.
  • Began 8 weeks of Master's Swim
  • Worked out 6 of 7 days including 2 bricks for a total of 5:30
  • Only did sit ups 1 day-huge need for improvement.

Upcoming week:

  • Continue work out schedule try to hit 6 hours this week.
  • Pay more attention to eating. Appetite is increasing.
  • Long run of 5 miles this week in Indy Prep.

I am feeling good changes because of the increased training. My legs are sore and alittle tired. I am having a few twinges of pain in my right ankle again so I will keep an eye on it and start taking Advil. I am still very motivated and positive.

Currently I am looking at places to stay in Wilmington. After volunteering there last year, we are going to stay downtown Wilmington versus the Wrightsville Beach. For my family,it will be easier for them to watch the race and it is closer to the activities and finish line.

Waddling into week 3...............