Saturday, May 12, 2007


WED - SPIN : 60 MIN.

SAT. - RUN : 4.63 MILES -1:04= 13:58 AVE PACE
After the PIG , my quads were really sore. Going up and down stairs waaaas challenging. I heard if you get in a tub of ice for about 10 min. that will help. I wasn't that bad. On Wednesday evening ,I went to spin class. I went to the back to ride easy. I was amazed how good my legs felt walking down the stairs to leave. This morning's run felt good also. I want to do more biking than running this week to get ready for Galena.
To all the moms:

Waddling to enjoy the weekend...................

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


In my week prior to the marathon , I wanted to have a new goal in mind. I developed a training plan and I signed up for 2 races:

I want to focus on duathlons the rest of 2007. If I could swim ,I might do tri's. I love to do them and the number of females my age are few and far between. I hope to write about them and encourage more people to give them a try. Next weeken will be my first duathlon of the year in Galena. I love it last year and can't wait to go again. There will not be any time of time goal after just running the PIG.

Waddling to spin class...............

Monday, May 07, 2007



It was the best marathon that I've ever ran. I am not talking about the time but the whole experience.

Saturday , my MIL and I left about 7am for Cincy. The trip was good with lunch at the Cracker Barrel. We checked into our room at the Millenium Hotel. Excellent room and location. We were hooked up to the building where the expo was so we went over to pick up my packet. They had the most pleasant and helpful group of volunteers. The shirt is nice and the backpack and poster are awesome. I had to buy a jacket and a pig hat of course. After that we went back to the hotel and I tried LaRosa's Pizza for the first time. Not Chicago Pizza but very good. We watched Happy Feet then went to bed.

Sunday, the morning came early. I had to get up at 4am Chicago time to be ready for the 630am start. I found the start easily and before I knew it -we were off. I wasn't shooting for any certain time. My goal was to enjoy and finish. My first mile was too fast at 12:45. I just went with my comfort and tried to slow down. At mile 4 the hills of Cincinnati began. Wow! I just kept my head down and kept digging. The city was beautiful. I thin it was around 8-9 you had an awesome view of the Ohio river. At about that point the half and full marathon split. The crowd thinned out alot. I was still feeling good. I hit the half at 3:07:15. I was actuall hoping for alittle slower to save for the end. I hate warm weather and I felt the temperature going up.

At about mile 14, I caught up with these 2 soldiers in full gear. I thanked them for serving for our country. It hit me how lucky we all were to be able to do things like this.

The next few miles were unremarkable. I stayed hydrated and did my GU. I began getting excited because Mary Sunshine was going to be at mile 21. She said she would have an orange sign. I love reading her blog and was anxious to meet her. She had done a half Ironman the day before. As I approached 21 ,I could see the sign. It was great to meet her and give her a hug. Unfortunately ,I had to keep moving.

At about 22.5 , I hit a major wall. The hills and heat caught up with me. I realized that I was walking as quick as my running pace. Finishing became a priority. I just kept walking fast. The city seemed so far away but there was no doubt that I would get there. The support out there was amazing. All the medics were still on the course. Ever water station was still manned. In my 2 Chicago experiences the sidewalks were being rolled up as I was finishing. At the Pig,I didn't feel like a back of the pack runner. I felt just as important as the people at the front. When I passed the mile 25 marker , I saw a little grey haired lady with a bag waving at me. It was my MIL. She had taken a cab from the hotel to the end of the race. She was holding a bag that contained a Diet Mountain Dew, Bagel, and banana. How sweet. I slowed my walk down so she could walk with me to the finish. I did not care about my time at all. It was the best of times.

Thanks to everyone for the support and love that I have felt. Thank you God for letting me do this.

My next endeavor will be on my blog this week. Always look forward not back.

Waddling proudly with a flying PIG medal...........

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Race report later.

Good to meet you Mary Sunshine.

Waddling with a FLying Pig Medal....................