Thursday, January 21, 2010


This morning after working out for 1:45 at the gym, Snips and I rewarded ourselves with Smoothies at the Cafe. We sat and chatted and looked over our plans for 2010. We both have unique goals but will start and finish 2010 together. As we talked , we found a familar theme to all our thoughts. That brought us to deciding on our Motto for 2010--"NO EXCUSES".

We did edit the schedule a bit but we are very excited. In August , we added the Muddy Buddy race. How fun will that be!

Part of the discussion included goals. I usually do not set time goals but this year will include a few which I feel a attainable.

  • Half Marathon- break 2:30
  • Half Iron - under 7:00
  • Marathon - under 6:00 ( I have never been able to break that fall--this is the year in Vegas)

Waddling with "No Excuses"..........