Saturday, January 27, 2007



After getting in last night at midnight, I was sure I would take today off. While I was gone, my MIL cleaned my house, did all the laundry, and filled my frig with homecooking. Her goal was for me to go to the gym and relax this morning. I went and did the eliptical for 30 min. Actually felt good. It was probably a good idea to loosen my legs up after the flight.

My MIL and I took off to her where her new home is being built. We let ourselves into one to do some measuring for drapes, blinds, etc. It as fun!

Tomorrow is my longer run of the week. It's 90 min. No doubt it will be on the treadmill. The AM temperature will be in the single digits. I am a wimp. Next week in my schedule, I ramp it up. I looked at the countdown and it's under 100 days until the PIG. I'm starting to worry about how my training is planned. I'm going with

Friday, January 26, 2007


THU: RUN- 30 min.
FRI: RUN- 30 min.

I am not winning any party animal award here in Vegas. Yesterday and today, I got up at 5am trying to stay close to CST. I put my running clothes on and waited for the sun to come up to go run. Out the hotel I went at 625am.SiInce I am staying away from the strip, I have a great view of the desert and mountains. The sunrise both days was breathtaking.

Last night after class, I was exhausted. So much information to take back. I got back to the hotel went up to my room and ordered room service. I did some blog reading while I ate. The jammies were on and I was in bed by 745. Watch out Vegas!

I fly home tonight and land at midnight. My long run this weekend is 1:30. With the weather approaching zero I will definitely be on the treadmill.

Waddling back to the midwest......

Wednesday, January 24, 2007



"70 AND SUNNY" , those were the captains words as the plane landed in Vegas. It felt so good to walk out into the sun and yank my jacket off especially after this morning. I went out early for a short run. The temp was 24. It actually felt good. I knew it would give me an extra appreciation of my run tomorrow in the warmer weather.

After getting my rental car, I navigated to my hotel.What a beautiful place it is. I chose one that was aways from the strip and easy to get to my training center. It was a great deal also and has all night bingo!!! I love bingo. It also has 48 bowling lanes, 16 screen movie theatre, and an equestrian center. I do have some intense training to do while I'm out here so it's not all fun. We are launching a new machine in our Cancer Center and I am training on the new imaging system. It makes me nervous because I'm the only one here in training. But-it's ok.

Waddling to check out th casino....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


SPIN - 1:00 / AVE HR=138

I walked into spin class tonight ready for an hard workout and for Mare to really push me. To my dismay there was Cin my least favorite. Her music always sucks and she makes the workout up as she goes. My spinning buddy gave me the look "you better not walk out" because she knew what I was thinking. We started the class when Cin informed us her MP3 broke and she just grabbed a CD and we would wing it. The music to her is very unimportant. To me -I love to rock out and sing along at times. I totally zoned her out. The music was bad . She gave us no direction. Thank heaven -Mare will be back next week.

I took the day off of work because I head to Vegas tomorrow. My MIL and I did alot of shopping and she'll do the cooking while I'm gone. Both kids are excited. Looking forward to some warmer weather.

Waddling west to Vegas............

Monday, January 22, 2007


Elliptical : 20 min.

My quads were tight as banjo strings today. I went at lunch to the shape shop on the elliptical for 20 min. (That's the limit you can do) My legs felt alot better. By the end of the afternoon they were tight again. It looked like my evening would be extremely busy so I decided to take the night off.

We went with my MIL tonight to sign the final papers for her new house and picked out cabinets, carpet and other things. It was hard for her to be excited because the reason she is moving up here is the loss of her husband of 51 years. Congratulation did not seem the correct word but "We love you" did. So we are on our way to bring her to Chicagoland after living in Ohio all of her life. The next few monthes will be challenging but went it's all done things will be good.

Waddling with my mother-in-law.....

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Thank you Runner Susan for the new look to my blog. I love it!

Waddling with a new look.............


15 weeks until the PIG

Snow advisory--those 2 words made my mind up on where I would run. To the treadmill.
Yesterday, I spent the day shopping with my MIL and pick up everything for a winter run. I was determined to run outside. My friend ,Mary was doing a 24hr expedtion race in Wisconsin so I thought I could be tough too. WhenI looked out the back window and saw the snow plows go by and shoot the snow up and cover the sidewalk, I went out and started warming my car up.

The first hour, I ran next to the big window and watched it snow. I felt good. The second hour , I ran looking down from the second floor into the lobby. Alot of people coming in wearing Bears stuff. I used my gu and finished my first bottle of water. The third hour was tough. Iron Snoopy stopped by and checked if I needed another Gu and I had lost one. What a savior. I still felt good. I finished!!! Next week is a shorter run. So I think I'm on track.

I got on the scale with no additional weight loss this week but I feel like I'm trimming up so I won't change anything .

Waddling out in the snow.....