Thursday, May 01, 2008


The day began with a new lesson at swim. Coach is helping me to get ready for Galena. He gave me alot of great advice. I do promise not to use his name in vain too much the first 200. The discussion covered where to stand , positioning, and how I would forget everything that I know and panic. His goal was to prepare me for not seeing like in the pool. He put tape over my goggles. My left eye was completely covered and my right eye had a small slit to see out of. The swim covered a entire range of motions from claustrophobia to panic. Huge lesson!

My breathing issues were not as bad because my focus was on something else. It was better but not great breathing bilaterally. When the time comes, I will relax and see what happens.

Next was the lessons that I have taught my radiation therapy students over the past 2 years. This afternoon was their graduation and pinning ceremony. As a clinical instructor, I was invited to speak. This is the fourth graduating class for me. They make me so proud how far that they have come and what a difference they can make in the world. I was able to speak with all the families and tell them what great kids that they had. My eyes had a few tears in them as the girls received their pins.

Waddling while learning and teaching.............

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bike: 3h 39m - 47.6 Mi
Run: 9h 27m - 45.87 Mi
Swim: 10h 45m - 17400 M
Strength: 3h 30m
Bike Trainer: 2h 15m
Spinning Class: 2h 00m

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For the first time since I began learning how to swim, I felt defeated, depressed and pissed off. Last Thursday coach switched me from unilateral breathing to bilateral breathing. We talked and he explained that I would gain 1 more power stroke, gain some speed and roll more. I totally agree. Unfortunately putting that in to practice has been exhausting.

Sunday evening , I went to the pool and worked on it alone. Memories flooded back to when I first began in October. I went from one end of the pool to the other and stopped to catch my breath to go another length. I can't explain it because I know that I can go the distance but the doubt is creeping back in.

This morning was masters swim again. After the warm-up, the main set was 3 x 200 + 100kick. I did not complete any of the 200's without a stop or 2. My form was good and felt actually faster. I am not giving up but am frustrated with myself. I just want it.

Now the concern with Galena ,my first tri, only 2 weeks away. I have done the duathlon the past 2 years. There is a chance with the cold weather that the water temperature will not reach the needed 61. I am almost praying for that.

I am not begging for comments or sympathy. I am just trying to write down my feeling and put things into perspective. It will be OK. I will do this. I need to accept the challenge and quit being so whiny.

Just waddling..................

Sunday, April 27, 2008


This was one of those great weekends on all levels. I did some house work, training and relaxation .

Yesterday, my planned bike ride went out the window with the weather. It was 38 degrees with gusting winds. I headed for the gym and spin class. It was a great workout with Tony. Some tough intervals. The day continued with a good house cleaning. It ended perfectly with my daughter and I going to Blockbuster to get some chick flicks.

Sunday started off with my first run with a group. I joined Glen Ellyn Runners Club. Iron Snoopy, Moose and Jennifer picked me up. I was really nervous about going. I quickly relaxed when I got there. This sounds stupid but it was a good group run because I got to run 6 miles by myself. I actually got acclimated to where we were running and what kind of pace felt good to me. Before my foot pod died , I was averaging 11:45 / mile. I am looking forward to going back and by the time marathon training begins I will feel comfortable there.

After getting a few errands done, I'll head for the pool.

Waddling and enjoying the weekend.............