Saturday, August 05, 2006


RUN : 8 MILES / No Time approx 2 hrs with pitstops/

Yesterday's run was a test run of sorts. I am not sure if I should run next Sunday's Chicago Distance Classic. At about 5 miles my rt ITB started hurting alittle. I didn't have to stop but I knew it was aching. At the beginning of the run I had no doubt I would be okay for another half but by the end I had doubts.

The reason I want to run it is that is the Penguin's race and I've run the last 2 years and love the race. But this year if it was any other race I would say no thanks. If my ITB goes out all the way it is the end my running year.

My mother always used to tell me to listen to my gut which in this case says no. But my heart wants to run it again. I've got all week to decide. I'm sure I'll go back and forth a million times.

On another topic- my eating. I need to cut back some weight to where I was in the spring. It would help me reach my 2:45 half goal and probably help my knee. I need to clean my act up one bad habit at a time. First sugar intake. It's time to detoxifiy this week. Also no more eating after 8pm. Next week I'll add something else.

Thursday, August 03, 2006



On tonight's run (easy in the heat), I began developing my plan for marathon training. I love to plan ahead and put things on my calendar.

First- I want to finish the races that I have scheduled through Oct 1.
8/13 Chicago Distance Classic half marathon
9/3 Trail Shark Duathalon
9/16 USAF Half Marathon
9/24 Plainfield Fall 5K
10/1 Chicago Half Marathon

Second- After Oct 1 there is 28 weeks until the Flying Pig Marathon.
October, November-- Increase Core strength and increase spinning classes to 2-3 per week.
December- Holidays are always hectic. try to stay on track.
Jan. 1 Begin Marathon training- Working out a plan now. I really like Jeff Galloway but he takes the long runs up to 26-28 miles. I may take his walk/ run ratio information and combine it with Hal Higdon and John Bingham. It will be an interesting plan. I also want the spinning classes to play a part because of the interval training.

I feel alot more motivated now.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wacky Wednesday

RUN : 35 min. treadmill-no distance or HR

When you come back from vacation it's hard to get things happening sometimes. Luckily I took the day off work. I wanted to get up and try to undo some of the jetlag and get an early run but that didn't happen. My son woke me up at 845 and wanted to go golfing. I checked the temp and it was already 86 so I decided to run on the treadmill later and head to the driving range with my son.

The afternoon was spent at the DMV trying to get my daughter's driver's permit replaced and getting groceries.

The evening was laundry and unpacking. Finally at 8pm - I just quit and knew it was now or never to run. I went down to my treadmill. I was interested to see of my rt knee still hurt. I;ve signed up for another half 1 week from Sunday. I love the race-it's the penguin's and I've ran it the last 2 years. But I really am afraid I might have an ITB problem. I'll run 10 this weekend and see how it feels.

Tonight while running I set a few new goals. I want to run the Chicago Half marathon on Oct 1 in under 2:45. I will be 50 on 9/27 and 20 years ago I ran my first half (1:58) . I have 2 months of hard work ahead but I'm more motivated now. Also definitely the Flying Pig marathon in May. Seeing 21st Century mom in SF made me want to do it again. So now it's time to develop a plan.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Sunday: After the half , my daughter and I went to lunch at Taratino's on the wharf. It was delicious. After that -my rt ITB really hurt and so did my head. I think the no food for breakfast finally caught up. We went back to the hotel and watched chick flicks and took it easy.

Monday: It's shopping day!!! We took the cable car to Union Square and hit the stores. For dinner we hit Chinatown ate and shopped until dark.


I got up early and took a 30 minute run on the wharf and went passed the ferry building. It was sad that our trip was coming to an end. There were lots of runners out and I totally enjoyed the run. At the end I realized that my knee didn't hurt!!! Time to head back to Chicago and the hot weather.

We had a great time, made alot of memories, and ran an awesome half marathon!

Sunday, July 30, 2006


1/2 MARATHON: 3:02 / 4:1 RATIO / AVE PACE-13:56

The beginning: I got up at 4:30. I didn't sleep well. My daughter reminded me that I stayed up too late. I got ready and packed up and left the room. I couldn't find any food. I went to the lobby and found the trolley doesn't run until 6am. Okay-start walking. It's about 1.5 miles to the start. I got there at at 5:35 . My start was at 6:10. Went to meet 21st Century mom. We started in an earlier wave. I started to relax because it gave me 10 extra minutes before the 3 hour course limit.

The Run:

Mile 1- 13:02 Flat and feeling good.

Mile 2-13:31 Still okay and flat

Mile 3- 13:40 Alittle uphill . Avoiding Sprinkler system in park.

Mile 4 - 13:36 Going thru Criss field. Looking up at the Golden Gate.

Mile 5 -13:49 We're in the Presidio and heading to the bridge.

Mile 6 - 15:35 BIG hill. I had to walk it .

Mile 7 - 14:43 Made it up on the bridge. Going up to the middle. The most awesome view I've ever seen.

Mile 8 & 9- 28:00 I missed hitting the button on my watch. Made it to the turn around at Vissta Point. Quick pit stop. On my way out tripped on another runner and down I went. Banged up my rt knee and rt hand. I'm still okay. Running across the bridge I ran into Beth from Detroit who I met on the shuttle. She looked awesome. Imagine this is her first half. My rt knee began to hurt.(ITB again)

Mile 10-14:23 I'm off the bridge and heading up another monster hill. I needed to be here at 2:18 to finish under 3:00. The time 2:20:24. I know I'm doing the best I can.

Mile 11- 12:46 Defintely a downhill. Spectacular view. I think I can pick up some time. Time 2:32.

Mile 12 to finish-- I ran with no walking. I realy want to break 3 hrs. It became really sunny. Temperature rising. Another uphill. Damn. I keep looking for the finish -Time 2:58 . I come around a corner finally there it is.

Time: 3:02:40---I know I gave it my best shot. No excuses.

The Finish: I was only 2 min. off my goal. But I was pleased with my time. A good day! I loved the race /the course was the most challenging/ I don't think I'm injured(ITB hurts) / Memories that will last a lifetime.