Friday, November 16, 2007


Another hectic week, I finally have a minute to catch-up.

It was a good training week. After masters swim on Tuesday, I did another swim workout on Thursday. My problem remains relaxing with my breathing. When you bike and run, you fall into a natural rhythm. There is nothing natural about swimming and breathing to me. By the end of 25 , I am breathing hard and grabbing for air. I decided to (cover your ears) put my nose clips back on. I was able to relax and do 50. So I am in a dilema again.

I also got in a really good spin workout at 530am. The instructor was intense. There were some good intervals with hill climbs. I recognized several people from my master's swim. I focused on my HR zones. I stayed mostly in zone 2 with intervals in zone 3.

Tomorrow, I plan on getting up and running a 5.5 mile run for Ryan. How sad he was so young. My prayers to his family.

In other news, Bolingbrook ,where I live, has been on the news alot lately. Just down the road lives Sgt. Drew Peterson whose 4th wife is missing. Now his 3rd wife who died suspiciously has been exumed from her grave. Not a day goes by without passing news crews. I think this will someday be a made for TV movie. Even Geraldo was here last weekend.

Waddling into the weekend........

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I realized this weekend that part 1 of my base building is over and part 2 is beginning. Sounds strange? I have gotten in to a good routine for my workouts. Now comes the next goal , to step it up with my workouts. Last night during my Team Weight Loss Workout, I realized that I was just getting through the workout. I need to take ownership for my workout and push harder and challenge myself. That would be the only way that I would complete Steelhead.
This morning was Master's Swim Team week#2. I was still far behind everyone else but Coach modified my distances and workouts and I feel that I made alot of improvement. I still have a long way to go but it will be one stroke at a time.
Waddling to watch the Biggest Losre Triathlon....

Sunday, November 11, 2007


This morning, I awoke to do my Sunday Morning run. I looked around and remember that I was downtown Chicago and quickly got dressed and ran out of the room. I was excited for the first time to be running along the lakeside when not entered in a race. I wanted to take everything in. My hotel was on Michigan Avenue but I found myself quickly running down the lakeshore. I ran to Navy Pier, passed the tour boats, next to the ferris wheel, and to the end. Even though the morning was gray and misty, it felt so alive outside. There were very few others out this early. The silence and solitude was refreshing.

It was the perfect ending to the weekend dowtown with Hooch(my Daughter), my sister-in-law, and my niece. We had a great time, shopped alot, ate good food, then could barely stop laughing to fall asleep.

Tomorrow it's back to dieting and training but I feel this weekend was just what I needed.

Waddling into new week ..............