Saturday, July 01, 2006


RUN: 11 MILES / 2:40 / 2 pit stops

Today is the 1st of July, the first day of the tour de france, my first 11 mile run of the year, and the first day of the rest of my life. Just as in running -in life sometimes you have to stop, relook at your goals, and look to the future. My goal is to be the best and most honest person and help others.

Today's run was hot and humid-the first real challenge of the summer. I packed 2 fuel bottles of gatorade endurance and 2 of water also a gnc energel. I ran out of fluid the last mile. For longer runs another bottle or 2 will be necessary.

Running thru the soccer park today I began thinking about the yasso 800's. the emphasis even with the penguin is to do alittle speed work. I've got 4 weeks until SF and 6 weeks until the CDC. Hopefully it will make me alittle faster. My goal for the year is to break a 2:45 half.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


RUN: 3.0 / TIME 42:00(1 PIT STOP)

Tonight I did some pickups between fire hydrants. I would love to break a 32:00 5k in the fall. I did 8 total pickups and my final pace was 8:27. I felt like I had a great workout. This is one more thing I need to do weekly -next week I'll go to the soccer field.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


SPIN: 60 MIN / AVE HR 145 / MAX HR 173

What a workout with Mary! It was definelty -game on! It was a combo with speed and hills. One was a mother of a hill that lasted 8 min. I tried to push my resistance up alittle and got my heart rate over 170 at times. I need to make an extra effort to make this part of my training week.

I have decided not to do the Duathlon 7/9.Trying to keep on track. I am planning on rided the 4th in Plainfield with the group. I am not going 62 but opting for 45. I probably will hook up with Ronda. SO I'll have to back from Ohio on Monday night.

Monday, June 26, 2006



Today was my daughter's 16th birthday. I left work early so I could accomadate her day. She had plans to meet with some friends for lunch-pool party-dinner-different pool party. SO I was the taxi. I found time for a quick ride to loosen up my legs. We had alot of rain and some of the trail I tried to ride on were flooded. I hope the rest of the week goes well. I am thinking of a duathlon on July 9th in schaumburg. Not sure yet.

Sunday, June 25, 2006



I got up late this morning and look out to see it staarting to rain. I checked the weather Friday and it was supposed to be 70 and sunny all weekend. My husband's idea-jump back in bed and go run on the treadmill later. It sounded soooo tempting. I knew in 1 month I had a half in front of me on hills. It's time to get down and put the miles in.

I changed and headed out the door. The temp was 65 and it was a light drizzle. as I ran I realized how good it actually felt. I really relaxed and enjoyed all of the run. It turned in to a downpour at times. It brought back memories of running with my friend Peg in the rain years ago.And the determination not to wimp out into the gym.

The bad thing about the day was the wet shoes and the blister I got on my arch. I'm on the bike the next 2 days so it should be ok.

Something amazing came to me this morning while running through the soccer field.i has a quarter mile loop. ----SPEED WORK. I thought about going to a track but I can't believe I didn't think of this until now.

Game on!