Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today was a long run day. It was one of those runs that will go down as unrememberable. It wasn't good or bad. The weather wasn't extreme in any way. It was just so ordinary. I am certainly not complaining but when sitting down to write about it nothing outstanding came to mind.

The rest of the day continued that way . I cleaned and did the laundry. But it just continued to be ordinary.

I could have not asked for a better day.

Run : 9.6 miles / Waterfall Glen

Waddling and being ordinary..................

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I had no great plan for tonight's workout. Probably a run. I really was having a problem getting out the door. I decided to do a brick for some thing different. It gave me the motivation that I needed to do a change up in my routine.

On the bike part, I decided to ride Ole' Yellar(MTB). After Sunday's crash, I was nervous going on the road. As I was riding down a busier street-a car whizzed by. I was ok but it bothered me more than what I thought it would have.

After the bike, I grabbed a quick drink and off the a 2 mile run. My legs felt crappy but the always do for the first .5 miles.

I got out the door and felt great about the workout.

Bike : 6 miles / MTB
Run : 2 miles

Waddling with more motivation.................

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Tonight , I did hot & humid pick-ups so renamed Hick-ups. They weren't smooth by any means. They weren't exact distances. But they were faster sections of my run. I felt a difference in my form and stride. Dakota (my golden) wasn't exactly sure what we were doing but he hung in there.

Run: 4 miles = 1mi. w/u + 2 miles of pickups(11:00pace) + 1 mi c/d

Waddling to watch the Tour climb the mountains............

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I got back in the saddle tonight. Not on the road but in spin class. I was disappointed to see Mary not there but it was still a good workout. We did hills in and out of the saddle. Then 10 minutes of accelerations. I actually gave me a chance to recover a bit from my ride and crash ont the weekend.

This week-end looks to be a long run of 10 on Saturday then a bike of 30-40 on Sunday. I thi k the weather looks good if you get out early.

SPIN : 1 hour // ave HR = 148

Sunday, July 22, 2007


This weekend began with no set training plans. I was on call for work and had to go in on Saturday do I was limited on time. So when I got up, I ran 6.5 miles and set my sight on a long bike on Sunday. I was slow during the run. I think my diet cutback is filtering into my training.

On Sunday , I heard Naperville Bicycle Club was sponsoring the Metrice Melon Ride. Quite a few other riders were not riding because of the Jommy Buffet concert last night but I decided to go rather than ride alone. The distance options we 15, 35, 68, or 100 miles. I was hoping to ride 40-50. Decisions , decisions. As I was riding along, some guy came up beside of me, who was hitting on me. He was riding 35. Easy choice go for the 68. I had never gone more than 62 and that was 20 years ago. What the hell!!!

The scenery was all soy bean fields and corn fields. The land was so flat that you could see for miles. The temperature at 7am was a perfect 54. I had absolutely no time goal just to ride and enjoy.

The miles clicked by. The rest stops were an oasis of food. Fresh cut watermelon was a highlight. As I was approaching the final stop, a car sped by me. There was no shoulder to the road and my tires skidded off. I flew over my handbars hit my head and skidded to a stop. I layed there for a minute then regrouped to the side of the road. My chain had come off. But the bigger problem was the sick feeling in my stomach from hitting my head. All the riders that passed by did offer to help by I just needed to get it together by myself. There were still 18 miles to ride. I got the chain back on and made it to the rest area.

I took a look at my helmet. It was cracked. There is no doubt in my mind now of how important it is to wear one. That could have been my melon cracked.

I felt better and finished the last 18 miles. This is the longest ride that I have ever done. My legs felt great. My shoulders did ache along with my neck. I averaged 14 mph including my crash. I finshed and in one piece. Only 3 weeks until the mideast regional -the bike is solid.

Bike 5:01 / 68 miles