Saturday, February 03, 2007



After way over thinking my long run this weekend, yesterday due to circumstances and the help of my buddy DD , I knew what I'd do. I am on call all weekend and need to be available to the hospital. With my hubby out of town taking his mom home, getting too far out wouldn't be good if I got called. So it seemed the run would be indoors. The weather also was colder and windier than expected. After that decision on Friday ,I found out I had 2 patients that I would need to treat both Sat and Sun.
It came to me! Come in around 8am and treat my patients. Go to the Shape Shop gym in the hospital and run on the tredmill there which has a dvd player attached. Go to Blockbuster and rent a movie. I also switched my 3:30 run this weekend with my 1:45 run next weekend.

Everything fell into place at work this morning and I was done treating by 845am. I went down to the treadmill. I rented The DaVinci Code which I have never seen before. It worked perfect and almost made it through the entire movie.

Last night I went on line and ordered a gortex windsuit and next weekend -I will run outside!! For an update on the current temperature check out my sidebar near the bottom the add 30mph winds.

Waddling and shivering............

Thursday, February 01, 2007



It was one crazy day. My plans for a workout changed by the minute. I'll spin- No run- Maybe run & elliptical. No just ellipitical. I did 40 min. Felt good and stopped!

Work today challenged me almost to my max with problems for the upcoming computer conversion. It was supposed to be simple but as norm is getting very complicated. Alot of verification ahead for us before we can start treating patients again on Tuesday. Last thing I want to do is mistreat a patient with a large dose of radiation.

I had a great lunch today. It definitely was not on my diet. One of my patients brought in a container of food for the Center for lunch. It was filled with home cooking. There was salad, homemade dressing, bread, spaghetti, and a Texas sheet cake. I was had! Can't turn that down.

The weekend has also been on my mind and I need to let it go. I need a 3:30 long run and our weather is going polar. Possibly sub-zero. I can't imagine that run on a treadmill. My running buddy, DD, thinks it will be fine with the right kind of clothes. I'm letting it go. As of right now--I'm outside.

Waddling into Friday......

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Total for January = 21:05
Run = 14:00
Spin= 5:00
E.T.= 1:50
Wts. = :15
Days of training = 23 of 31 (74%)

I can't say that looking back at January that I have any revelations or great wisdom.

The positives:

  • I finished the month uninjured
  • I trained whenever I could.
  • I feel stronger heading into February

The negatives:

  • My weight loss is stuck at 6-7 lbs.
  • I did no weight training or strength.
  • I spent alot of time on the treadmill wimping out of the winter runs.

Goals for February:

  • Keep my training at least at 6 hours per week,
  • make sure to get my long runs in even if it's the treadmill.
  • no injuries and feel stronger.

Tonight ,I actually did not work out. It was another 9 hour day and I was tired. I don't feel any guilt at all because sometimes you have to pardon yourself.

Waddling into February..........

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


SPIN : 1:00 / AVE HR=148 / MAX HR= 174

Mare was back at spin tonight. SHe gave us one heck of a work-out. Tonight we did jumps on a hill, sprints on a hill, the one long mother of a hill that never ended. On top of that she found the pause button on the music and if we all weren't working hard enough she paused the music to motivate us then continued. Actually when her class is finished, I appreciate everything she does to push me.

At work we still have trainers there, but the pressure is on because unfortunately we have so many patients under treatment currently. It ended up to be another 10 hour day.

Waddling to tuck everyone in....

Monday, January 29, 2007


RUN: 30 min. / TREADMILL / AVE SPEED 4.6

When you go back to work after being off it is always tought but today was extremely challenging to say the least. Everyone was extremely testy and the work load had increased. The pressure was there to get our new treatment maching up and running. My boss and I work on it and we were able to get 4 patients treated on the machine and hope to add more tomorrow. We want to get all the bugs worked out before it goes nuts.

I had to work late then go to the grocery. My MIL is wonderful to have around. My laundry again was done along with a clean house including the bathrooms. I came in and changed and she "forced" me to go work out. What a lady!

I was suprised at how good that I have been feeling lately when I run. I know there are always bad days but something is starting to click.

Waddling to watch a movie.....

Sunday, January 28, 2007



Today at the gym rocked. I felt amazingly good on the treadmill. It was one of those days that everything feels right. When I was just starting, Iron Snoopy and Moose came in. They met up with some friends and ran next to me. There were 6-7 of us all together. I think all of them are training for Ironman Kentucky. I don't talk at all when I run but it was nice to run with others. And being on the treadmill , I hung in there with them and finished at the same time.

My MIL cancelled her flight and is staying with us until Friday. I have a challenging week ahead at work and it will be nice to still have her around. My hubby will fly home with her on Friday after work so she doesn't have to go home alone.

Just talked to my dad on the phone. He lives in central Ohio near Dayton. He's amazing and my hero. He will be 85 in March and is like the Ever-ready Bunny. He is busy all the time. Last night he even sold admission tickets for a basketball game at the high school that I graduated from. I hope to be like him!

Waddling into Monday...