Saturday, March 21, 2009


Although it got off to a very chilly start (39), today was the first full day of spring. I had every intention of enjoying it. The sun was shining and the birds were singing.

First on my list was to go for a bike ride. The first outdoor ride of the season. Since I just got Sugar back from the shop, I decide to ride her and check everything out. I piled layers of clothes on and off I went. I quickly remember how it felt to ride into a strong wind as it blew into my face. I covered 14 miles and loved every minute!

I took advantage that it was still cold out and Bino helped me pick up the winter dog poop in our back yard. This was followed by getting the oil changed in my Jeep, cleaning my Jeep, and finding a place for my bikes in the garage. It feels so good to be out in the fresh air again.

Tomorrow's weather is predicted to be identical to today. Great! My day is starting with a 8 mile run with Snips. I bought some Heed to drink on the run. That is the drink on the B2B course so I want to give it a test run.

Also- I named my new bike, Skipper. I think she skips right along and love Skipper the penguin in Madagascar.

Waddling into springtime.......

Friday, March 20, 2009


Today was check up day at Loyola for House. It went well. The stimulator is helping in the pain control so last weeks surgery was a success.

On the way home, we stopped at Bicycles Etc. to pick up Sugar(my Trek Equinox). She was all ready to go for spring. While there, I began looking at some of the other bikes. I love to ride the Prairie Path and the I & M canal. I fell in love with this Blue Trek Fx. She even has a bell. House saw the look in my eyes and next thing I knew there were 2 blue bikes on the back of my Jeep heading for home! I am riding outside tomorrow no matter what the temperature is!

Waddling to give my new bike a name............

Sunday, March 15, 2009



Pre-Race Thoughts
This is my first indoor Tri so I am not sure what to expect. I am not really excited about it and just look at it as another workout. I sat down and calculated what I could do in my mind. My swim should be between 350 and 400. On the spin bike for 30 min., I am guessing 7.5 - 8.0 miles. Looking to the dreadmill, 1.5-1.75 miles. After looking at the list, I am in the first wave at 7am. Snips and Tri-Sharkie are also in wave 1. That guarantees a lot of laughs.

Race Day
Swim- 10 min.The first lap was tough. I could not get my breath or get into a rhytm. After that, I calmed down and focused on just going back an forth. I had friends at both ends of the pool and heard my name several times. Sharkie was to my right and was flying along. She was sharing a lane with Snips who was moving right along. The bell rung with 1 minute to go . I finished with 15 lengths with was 375. I was happy.

Transition- 10 min. Alot of fun and laughing. I barely made it up in time.

30 min.I started to spin and the resitance was set and duct taped in place. I felt it was going to be a 30 min. climb. There was no air blowing in the room so it got very hot , very fast. Iron Snoopy and Moose were volunteering in the spin room. More fun and laughter. The young guy next to me was a speed demon and was spinning like there was no resistance at all. My odometer was 1t 8.2 when I finished.

Transition- 5 min.

20 min.I was running next to Snips on the dreadmill. There was no talking at all during this section. I started at a 4.6 and tried to inch it up. At 10 minutes , my calf began cramping and I backed down some. Then I started cranking it back up. I finished with 1.61 miles. I was happy and we were finished.

I had a great time. I was happy my how that I did. It was motivating to see exactly where I was at. Tri-Sharkie, Snips and I grabbed a bite to eat at the cafe. Alot of talk and excitement looking to 2009.

Snips and I walked out to our cars together. She had something in her trunk for me. What an awesome friend--it was dinner for my family tonight. There was spagetti, homemade sauce, beer bread, grated cheese, and a homemade apple pie. My favorite part was the 2-24oz bottle of Corona Beer. She rocks!!!

Waddling after my first indoor Tri..............