Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today is one of my favorite days of the year. Go ahead and call me a little crazy. But the airing of the Ironman World Championships is something that I have loved as long as they have been on TV. The first one was highlights on ABCs Wide World of Sports in 1980. That continued until 1991 when NBC began the actual 90minute show.

My family knows on this day that for that 90 Minutes my time is sacred. SHUT UP and watch the TV. I am glued to every word, moment and tear.

My craziest part is that I do not just watch this show once but continue watching it until I can tell you every word said and every moment. I also have all of them from 2001 on my DVR. I also still watch these. My son will beg me at times to turn them off but I continue to be drawn to watching them. When you do not know what to watch--turn on an Ironman.

Today, I made arrangements for my tri team to have it put on at a sports bar to watch. Even if I am the only one there, I will be a happy clam. But believe me- everyone  there better keep it down and watch the show.

My favorite was 2001 after Septetember 11th. It showed the world of USA spirit and to watch Tm DeBoom win and carryt eh USA flag. Awesome. My second was with Jon Blaise -the Blazeman. I am reminded there are no excuses.

It's 5:30am and I am already awake on my day off. It's Kona day! And what is more exciting is that next year I hace 2 friends who have qualified and will be there!! Even more fun to watch.

Waddling to watch IM Kona today........

Saturday, December 03, 2011


Last night was the end of the year banquet for or TriSmart Team. It send me into a time to reflect back to what was achieved or what did not happen as planned.
The year for me began with being asked to be a member of the Chicago LUNA Chix Triathlon Team. It was a huge honor. I believe in what they stand for and what they do. The team does fundraising for the Breast Cancer Fund which is close to my heart. Also they sponsor weekly runs and rides to promote women's health in doing triathlons. Best part was that my BFF Snips was on the 2011 team also.
My "A" race for 2011 was Ironman Florida. It would be my second Iron distance race. I signed up for it with my friend Flipper. More on that later.
My first race of the year was Rev3 Knoxville in May. It was an Olympic that I made an Aquathon. I was OK with how I did considering the hills on the bike course. The swim was a river swim which I had never done before and actually was OK with.
Batavia was my second Tri. It was a Sprint that I had done 3 times before. The month before my race I was put on a special diet for my metabolic syndrome and my training was limited. It was one of my slower times but I felt good and had dropped some weight.
Evergreen sprint was next on the agenda. My swim was respectable. I had a great bike for me followed by a decent run. This got me second place in my age group. I was happy.
Pigman Half Iron in Iowa came next. It was a brutal day. The swim was a lake swim and the temp was barely wetsuit legal. The bike course was one of the toughest and hilliest courses that I have ever ridden. This was followed by a run course that was downhill going out making the returning 6.5 miles all uphill. I was so happy to be done. I did finish 4th in my age group and qualified for Team USA at the ITU World Long Course Championships in Vegas. Unfortunately the same weekend as Vegas.
September brought the TriSmart 101 bike ride. Perfect placement for IMFL. Weather on the day of the ride was atrocious. Wind , Rain, and Cold. I began the ride very detemined to do the entire distance but quickly becam doubtful. It really sucked. At mile 10 when crossing a set of railroad tracks, a biker ahead slid and crashed. I was a fellow LUNA. She had busted her helmet and hit her head. She was OK but her day was done. As Snips, Flipper and I came up to the tracks we got off our bikes to walk across. I still slipped and fell. The group of us decided to continue to the first rest stop and rethink the ride. It ended up that I was the only one to continue. My plan was to go to the next rest stop and turn around. Once there I felt good and thought I would go alittle farther. Next thing I knew, I saw a sign that said "Welcome to Indiana". OMG. At that point in time, my mind was made up to go the distance. After 7.5 hours, I finished. I was so excited! And thrilled to see warm pizza. It was a highlight of my year.
At the end of September, due to a family situation, I discontinued training for IMFL. Too much was happening in my life to focus.
Then came an EMail that changed everything. I had been named the "Everyday Hero" for IMFL and would be featured on TV. Immediately I called my coach friend. I had already tapered and it was time to train for 2 hard weeks. On top of that I becam sponsored by QuintanaRoo and was given a new CD01 to ride.
IMFL becam a amazing experience that I will never forget. The swim was my hardest part. The time cutoff of 2:20 loomed in my head. Also the pink meanie jelly fish that were on the course did not help. I finished but barely at 2:19:30. A friend helped me change in T1 the on to the bike course. The wind gust of 25mph almost knocked me off my bike several times in the first 10miles. I knew my first time cutoff to make was to be at mile 88 by 3:45. I was averaging around 13mph into the wind but knew it would be a great tailwind on the return. I made it to mile 56 and got my special needs bag then continued. I began calculations in my mind on how my time was. The way I had it figured is if I could average 16.5mph on the return that I would just make the cut off times. As I was turning the corner at mile 60, the wind would be at my back. A white van pulled in front of me a a guy told me to pull over. I was stunned to find out he was an official pulling me off the course. I was speechless. I handed over my bike and got in for the long ride back. My day was over. I was numb. Still today I am unable to really process all the emotions.
So back to last night, it was an awesome night with tri-friends. Alot of looking back equaled by alot of talking of the 2012 challenges. For me? I have a free entry to an Ironman race. Now my favorite part of planning begins.
The other excitement for 2012- I am going to become a USAT level 1 Coach. My dream!! I want to help beginners and back of the packers like me face triathlon challenges.
My Motto for 2012--- "No Excuses just do it"
Waddling to the end of 2011 and into 2012.......

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday was my first race of the year. It was important to me to see where I am at in my Iron training. I was not nervous at all. My thoughts were that if I was nervous for a sprint that I should have not signed up for an Ironman.

I love this race. It is so well done and I have done it for the last 3 years. One of the reasons that I love the course is that the bike is 24.6mile which is unusual for a sprint. The bike is my best section.

The race is open water. With the water temperatur being 83 degrees-there were not wetsuits allowed. I was glad to be doing the sprint not the Olympic. The swim(500) was uneventful but slow. When I got to transition there was my BFF Snips, it was her first open water! I headed out on the bike. There was no wind at all. The wind turbines were not moving. I felt like I was really moving. I love the rolling hills. Quickly I was back to transition. I averaged 18.6 mph. So HAPPY! Then to the run. My run has been slow and my stomach was upset. I had to make a pit stop then felt better. I ran the entire 3 miles.

I felt great after the race and was suprised to get 2nd in my age group!!

I now know where I am at in my training. Much more focus needed on my swim. Next up-Pigman Half Iron on August 21.

Waddling through 2011.........

Sunday, May 08, 2011


When life does not go as planned, you adapt. You make lemonade out of your lemons. Look for the positive. All these sayings, I find myself using more than ever these days. My training has been off track to say the least. I get back on it for a few days and boom-off again.

My husband has faced many health challenges this year. Most recently another surgery. When training for my first Iron, I found a determination to work around this. Now the drive is not as strong.

My daughter has moved out to her first apartment which should make life easier. I myself concerned more because of the unknowing.

My dad will be 90 next year and for the first time i am noticing changes and he is slowing down. He is my rock and watching the edges crumble takes some out of me.

My son is great but has gotten a puupy- his first. the challenge of this puppy is that he is a great dane.

Oh and my job- I love it more than ever but with the economy my hours have been severely cut.

I am not trying to justify my lack of training but I am just jotting down random thoughts.

Next weekend is my first race- REV3 in Knoxville. It is an Olympic that I am totally unprepared for. A friend wondered how I let that happen and I wonder myself.

Waddling and wondering.................

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Our Tri Club had a fun run for Valentine's Day. We went to the 40 Acre Woods. Prior to us getting there one of our team members scattered candy hearts along the trails. We were all provided with sandwich bags and maps. The time limit was 90 minutes. Off we went into the woods. The weather was sunny and in the mid-30s. It was a perfect day.

I was with a group of 7 friends. The scenery was beautiful. It was hard to focus on looking for the hearts. We did find several in the Horse poop along the way. I opted to leave them behind. the laughter continued the entire 90 minutes. Our goal became just to find our way back. None of us were experts at the map. Once we realized that the star which said "you are here" did not move , it improved.

The was no thought to how far or how fast that we went. The amount of fun and memories were priceless.

Waddling after a fun run....

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


The options:

100 laps of 100 every 100 sec. = 10,000
100 laps of 75 every 100 sec. = 7,500
100 laps of 50 every 100 sec. = 5,000

My choice was the 5,000. I did the 2.4 mile swim in the Iron but could I do this? Then I looked at the worst that could happen possibilities. The worst of all would be drowning. I decided that Snips would be in my lane and other friends close by so they would not let that happen. The least of the worst would be that I snuck away from the pool and quit. I knew that once I started quiting was not an option. So after a sleepless night I grab my bags and got to the pool by 7am and prepared for the 730 start.

The photo on the left is of me and my lane-mates and on the right it's me. The time actually flew by. We did 50 laps and then had a 15 minute break. I was starving. I grabbed a bagel and it tasted like a steak dinner. Quickly it was time to jump back in and finish the other 50 laps. There was load music playing. In the few seconds rest between laps, we sang and danced. Before I knew it there was under 10 laps to go. I was getting tired but not ready to stop. The 5,000 was within my reach. With a pool-wide "Woohoo" , we finished the 100 laps. Alot of high five's and big smiles could be seen all around.

After a shower, many of us headed out for a beer and burger to celebrate! I can't beleive it--5,000. My confidence had a big boost and a great deposit in the IM training bank.

Waddling with sore shoulders.................

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am in the process of getting my 2011 calendar together. This year I want to do it differently. Usually is pick several races that I would like to do and it ends up being a hodge podge. This year I want to pick races that lead up to IMFL and fit my training. An added aspect will be financially. I want to stay close to home with little or no travel.

Tomorrow, I plan on sitting down with Snips and looking through the calendar.

Waddling to sketch in 2011.................

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Besides IMFL, I have signed up for my first event of the year. It is not a race but it is called Swim-a-pooloza. Sound like a fun party by the pool. The reality of it will be different.

The format calls for swimming one of 3 distance in the lap pool. It is 5000,7500, or 10,000. Obviously, I signed up to attempt the 5,000. It is set up that you swim either 50,75, or 100 every 100 seconds times 100. It actually boggles my mind but I am always up to give it a try. It is hosted by our Tri club, TriSmart and it is in our home pool. I have 2 weeks to get my mind ready for this.

I am seeing that this year is going to have alot of new fun experiences ahead and I am ready!

Waddling with an open mind...........

Saturday, January 08, 2011


The time has arrived with no more excuses but to face what I need to do in my training for IMFL. The first thing is to address my weight gain and metabolic syndrome. I began by cleaning everything evil and life-threatening out of my kitchen. (except the Diet Dew). Then came the grocery shopping. It's amazing how long it takes and the cost of shopping healthy. Also I began weight watchers. My first weigh in was yesterday and there is alot of work ahead of me.

Also this week, the intensity of the training increased. By Friday, the were many aching muscles. It felt good though. This added to my better eating habits made me feel changed in a good way.

I realize this is only my first week. I also know how many first weeks there have been. I am now heading into week 2 and let the changes continue and bring on the challenge.

Waddling with determination..............

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 -A NEW YEAR


I was very quiet in 2010. No matter how many time that I would restart my mojo -it never stuck. That led to a year with not much to write about.

My A-race of the year will be Ironman Florida on November 5th.

Now begins my most favorite part which is the planning. I love to look at the different race options. I want a sprint, Olympic, and a Half.

The other part will be my training. I have begun swimming with the TriSmart Masters group. It fit better into my schedule. I also am doing Indoor cycle training with TriSmart. What a great group which includes alot of my regular tri-buddies.

Other exciting news for 2011 is that I was asked to be a member of Team Luna Chix. I am lucky that it is not necessary to be fast just love the sport. I am looking forward to meeting the other members of the team.

Waddling into 2011...........