Wednesday, August 16, 2006


RUN: 2.0 / NO TIME

Again, when I finally got home from work, taxi and errands it was 730 and the sun was going down. I decided that no matter what I would run. I had bills to do and some laundry and it was soon 845. I looked at Dakota who was anxiously looking at the door. I went up and changed and we headed out. I felt so good. The temperature was perfect. The evening was quiet. Dakota ran well(even though he weighs 90 lbs he is afraid in the dark). I ran a very comfortable 2 miles. It felt like a success becuase I had gotten out the door. I felt like I had added alot of positive energy to the stresses in my life.



I've hit one of those times where there is just not enough hours in the day. I am doing more training at work on our new computer system, have 2 kids going back to school next week, redoing the family room, and getting ready to head to Vegas with my boss for a week of training. It will be the first time I've left my 14 and 16 year old for more than 1 day with dad. I'm trying to cover all possibilities. With all of this happening my time an energy level has not permitted me to do alot.

My weight is really depressing for me now. At the beginning of the year I lost 16 pounds and last night I got on the scales and I've gained it all back. I know that when I get stressed -I go to the sugars. Last week I tried to detox from sugar with no success. I felt like work became temptation island. I work in a cancer care center. Our patients are so wonderful. They always bring in treats for us. It was an irresistable week. Especially the homemade jelly filled doughnuts. I know my weight is what is slowing me down in my running now. It's a matter of getting back on track. But with going to Vegas next week-----