Saturday, October 25, 2008


Day after day, I have been putting my swim gear out and planning to go to the pool early the following morning. Day after day, I have pulled the covers up and not gone. It has been 5weeks since I last swam. I worked so hard last year to learn how to swim but I was procrastinating going back to the pool.

The other day I received an email from Coach Steve--Master's Swim on Tues Nov 4 @ 530am. The time to get back in the water was here. Best to do it now befor class begins.

As I drove to the gym, the reasons for staying away came back to me:

  1. I had put back on some of my weight and the thought of a swimsuit wasn't good.
  2. The cold water and that feeling when you first jump in.
  3. Swimming is very unnatural to me.

When I got to the gym, I experienced all of the above. I did survive and completed 1,000 of drills.

Tomorrow , I am meeting Snips for a 6 miler. It will be the first time to chat since her marathon. I am so anxious to talk to her. Hopefully we can fit it all in.

Waddling to make dinner............

Monday, October 20, 2008

It was time for me tonight to get off my lazy butt and head to the gym. I have not done anything to speak of since the marathon. I looked at the schedule for group classes and found the options of spin or yoga. Easy choice! I hate yoga.

It had been months since my last spin class. Tonight's class had an instructor that I had never had before. I love taking the class from someone who actually is a biker and rides outside. She was not one of those instructors. Very soft voice and unmotivating. Maybe I had been spoiled with Mary who is one of a kind.

Tomorrow, I am going to attempt to get up and head to the pool before work. I was hoping that Master's swim would be starting soon but no news yet.

It feels good to be back to be doing more than just running. I have missed the cross-training.

Waddling back to training...............