Saturday, September 20, 2008


It has been another crazy busy week.

My running has been less than desired. I did get 3 runs in but unfortunately my longest was only 6.5 miles. Family has been the priority. Tomorrow is my last long run before the marathon. It is a 20-22 miler . Weather conditions are due to be perfect.

Last night was the homecoming football. Number 61 is my little guy Bino. It is his first year of varsity football. It was an exciting night to see him run onto the field with the team. I was able to get my hubby there on crutches.

After a short swim this morning, I hope to catch up on household things so I can have tomorrow for my long run and recovery.

Good Luck to Joe who is running the USAF Marathon today in Ohio.

Waddling into the weekend.............

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rain, rain go away. What a weekend. Once it began raining Thursday, it did not stop until today.

I went to the club on Saturday morning and ran on the dreadmill. After being outside all summer, it was tough to go inside and run. I usually can hang in there but when I hit 30 min., I was off. It was fine since Sunday was my long run of the week.

On Sunday, the deluge continued. I talked to Snips at 6am. The decision was made to go back to bed. It was a 12 miler and a cut back week. We were both sure the Prairie Path wa flooded over where our group runs.

The weather this week looks promising and I hope to get a longer run in tomorrow evening after hubby's MD appoinment. I love running on a fall evening.

Waddling into a new and hopefully drier week...............