Friday, November 07, 2014

On the Run....

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in my returning is to lower my expectations. I cannot compare anything to the past. Today I ran 3 miles. Very slow pace. Most importantly- I got out the door. It is not how far or how fast.

Bucket list items- Ragnar Relay. This week the running group that I belong to decided to form a team for the Chicago Ragnar. I got all the information. Money not an object. Time off not a problem. I think training is do-able. But then I saw minimum average pace= 11 min/mile.  Holy Crappers. Then I looked at the distance choices for each of the 12 runners and it also showed difficulty. Only saw 2 or 3 options possible for me on my very best day ever. Disappointment set in. maybe this item will not get marked off my list. I emailed the team captain for more information but my optimism is not high and I am disappointed. My family is always- you can do it.  I understand that age and reality are different. We will see.

I will go out and run again tomorrow. Other goals and bucket list items are still there.

Waddling still.........