Friday, February 22, 2008


Yesterday when I got ahold of the doctor's office, they got me right in. The RN and MD both agreed that my BP ws high. Doc and I discussed my lifestyle and training. Even though that I was following all the right rules sometimes your body has a mind of its own. So I had to admit that I have high blood pressure. I had researched all possible medication options before going.
The prescription was written and I am now on medication. Good news- I can return to my workouts with no changes. Thanks for the concern.
Waddling to feel better...............

Thursday, February 21, 2008

After a great workout day on Tuesday, I awoke early Wednesday prepared to head for the gym for a run. I was disappointed to wake up with one of my famous migraine headaches. Soon after the stomach woes kicked in and I headed back to bed with no hope of even making it to work.

My head felt like it was ready to explode. I knew that my blood pressure had been alittle on the high side. Last summer after a check up, I was told to lose weight and excercise. I have lost weight and I do excercise. Because of being adopted, I do not know my family history and that could be a factor. I took my BP only to see the reading say 170/105. Damn!!! I knew if I called the MD they would send me to ER. I opted to go back to bed. By evening it had come down to 155/94. Better but not great. I made a deal with myself to get it checked and not increase my workouts like planned until I did.

This morning when I woke up, I still felt crappy. So I stayed home again. I can't remember the last time I called in for 2 days for me. Mr Waddler wanted to take me to ER but being the very stubborn person that I am , he went to work and I promised to call the MD by 9am.

Currently I am waiting for the office to open. I am researching options and gaining as much information about High Blood Pressure Treatment. I do not want this to change any of my goals. I am one of those people who hate taking medication. Also being in the medical field, once I start taking High blood pressure medication, I am labeled as hypertensive. I just want to labeled as healthy.

Waddling to talk to the MD.................

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The last thing that I expected this morning when walking in to Masters' swim today was the words TIME TRIAL To be written on the workout board. It didn't bother me because Coach knows I am the beginner in Lane 1. After about 30 min. of swimming Coach called us to the wall. We are in week 4 of 12 in this session. It's time to document where we are at.

The game plan - each lane has a group 1 and a group 2 person. Group 1 would swim 200 with 2 timing them. Then switch. After that we would do 3- 100's, switching places and timing. I was put in group 2 and would be swimming the whole thing. I was blown away. I really did not want to put a time on how slow that I swim. I just wanted to swim without a clock. As I timed my lane mate, Coach came over and tried to reassure me because of the scared sh**less look on my face. Even Iron Snoopy offered words of encouragement. Nothing was working and soon I would be jumping in for my 200.

It is now my turn. I'm off with everyone else. One lap done- not bad. Second lap- still feeling good. Third lap- I'm slowing and my form is falling apart. Fourth lap- I feel like I can't breathe. I'm sucking in half the pool. I hear yelling but just keep going. I'm sure everyone is beginning their 100s. Finally at the end, I stop and look up. Everyone has waited and they are clapping for me. I MADE IT. My time was 5:25. But I just completed my first 200 trial.

The next 3 x 100 followed the same pattern. I am exhausted when leaving the pool. My times for the 100's were 2:25, 2:26, and 2:29. Certainly not record-breaking but to me a person 6 months ago that couldn't swim, it was good. We will redo this workout in 6 weeks.

Waddling like a tired penguin.............

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My complaining about the weather did bring about a change. At 7am , while I was driving to the gym, I noticed thunder/ lightning/ and flooding. It was not the change that I was hoping for.

My ususal masters swim was cancelled due to an indoor tri at our sister gym. Coach was there helping out. He did leave "The Renegade Gang" a workout to do. After doing a 300 warmup, we rotated between 100 swim and 100 kick (6 times) followed by 6 x 50 (85%) with 60 sec. recovery. Then the cooldown. I felt good so when I got out of the pool , I changed and headed for an hour spin class.

There was a sub at spin class. She was good and challenging. After a tough workout, She ended the class with a cool down to the music of Biggest Loser.

Changing now to the subject of weight loss, I got on the scale yesterday and was thrilled. Since October 1, I have now lost 27 lbs. The best part is that the first 2 numbers of my weight are now 14- for the first time in 10 years.

Waddling to watch the Daytona 500.............