Friday, March 13, 2009

Yesterday, it was another long day in the surgery waiting room at Loyola. House was having surgery to repair the neurostimulator lead that wasn't working in his back. The surgery started 2 hours late. After it started, it was 3 hours until House got to the recovery room. Bino and I spent our time in the waiting room reading and on our laptops. It gave me an opportunity to read the books that I had gotten. Surgery went really good and we brought House home last night. He did get some sleep and today things are going well.

After getting House in bed, I began finalizing my Iron training. I am using Be Iron Fit by Don Fink. Being the nerd that I am, I got a binder and put all the weeks in spread sheets and organized the 30 weeks of training. It begins in 4 weeks. It is color coded and everything.
Now the plan is written. The binder is made and in 4 weeks it begins. The journey to Iron.
Waddling and making more notes..............

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today in the mail, I was excited to get a package from Amazon. I had already had the book Be Iron Fit. I was sold on it as a training plan. Now that the serious training is getting close, I am doing some second guessing and ordered 2 more books about training.

I am anxious to start reading. I will probably overthink things. I hope I can grab a little something out of each of the books. All comments are appreciated.

Waddling to read ......

Update on House : We saw Dr Buck today and House is scheduled for surgery on Thursday to fix the neurostimulator lead in his back. It will be about a 2-3 hour surgery.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


In a strange way, it is like the magic of Christmas eve. You go to sleep and in the morning when you wake up something has changed during the night. You have either gained or lost an hour of sleep. You can stay awake and watch for that exact moment when the time changes on the cable box or your cell phone. How magical is that?

Last week, the sun was up at 6am. I had time to get a run in before I went to work. The morning is my favorite time to run. I was excited to have daylight and not run on the dreadmill. Then I found out this was the weekend of the time change. Sorry to say but I was down right pissed off. As I stood there complaining and whining to House, I realized he was just looking at me. He said he would have taken me much more seriously if I was not waving my morning banana at him! I had to laugh and realize how stupid that I sounded. I'll adjust and we all do.

Waddling to run on the dreadmill...........

Addendum : New England Journal of Medicine published a report (OCT 2008) that heart attacks increase 5% for the 2 weeks in spring after the time change. I feel better now in some strange way.