Saturday, June 02, 2007


The hardest thing about training for a duathlon is that you have to find the time to be slow at 2 sports rather than just one. This morning was another brick in my schedule. The training plan calls to run first then bike. I also today wanted to work on my hydration and fuel. I had Smart Water for my drink and GUs for fuel. It seemed to work well for me but I want to try other options also. I have a duathlon next weekend so we'll see how the training is going.

The afternoon proved to be more stressful than my workout. My daughter Hooch is 17. When she began driving we gave her my PT Cruiser. It has 72,000 miles. Today it began a spiral toward some big problems. My hubby decided he wanted to take her to look at trading it in for a different car for her birthday. She drove home this afternoon in her new Tiburon. We did make a really good deal and we needed to do something.

Run - 1:12:07 / 4.95 miles / 14:33 ave pace

Bike - 2:00 / 22.73 miles / 11.3 mph ave pace / MTN bike / Trail

Thursday, May 31, 2007


Tonight my training schedule called for some speed work. I decided to run to the soccer park near my house and run the loop around the field. It was humid and hot still at 7pm. I ended up doing 3 loops of .4 mile or 640. with rest periods between. Next week the goal is to increas to 4 loops.

On a side note, my heart was saddened to hear of the passing of John "Blazeman" Blaze in his battle against ALS. I watched as he did Ironman Kona 2 years ago and rolled across the finish line. Also last year as he watched from his wheelchair, as Team Blazemen rolled across the line to raise money to fight ALS. John-you will not be forgotten.

Run - 41:44 - 3.31 miles
w/u 11:29
Lap 1 - 3:52:87 / .4 mile / 10:13 ave
Lap 2 - 3:52:45/ .4 mile / 10:17 ave
Lap 3 - 3:52:92/ .4 mile / 10:05 ave
c/d 14:00

Waddling to watch 2006 Ironman Kona again........

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The weather tonight felt like the middle of summer. It was 87 and humid. I realize that I was the one that complained about winter training. I will also be the first to wonder what happened to my favorite season-spring. I was glad to see that my traing would be the bike tonight rather than run. I felt so good to have the air blowing by my face.

Waddling to cool off on the patio....

Bike - 38 min. / 8 miles / ave 12.3mph
Strength and Core - 20 min.

Monday, May 28, 2007


I would first like to thank our troops and our veterans. Thanks to all of those who have served , we have the freedoms that we have today. My father served in the military in WW2. He was with the railroad corp. He travelled in Africa ,the Mideast and Italy. He was leaving Europe on a ship headed for the Pacific when the Japanese surrendered. His ship was turned to New York then came back to Ohio and met my Mom. He has some grat stories to listen to.

I would like to wish my friend Mary good luck this week. She is heading to the upper Penisula of Michigan for a 4 day adventure expedition. You can track her team (Maximus). Hopefully the rain will hold off.
I got up this morning and did my run-bike brick. I felt good. I ran from home first then came home and headed out on my bike. My legs feel ok transitioning this way. The bike to the run is tougher. I had signed up for another Duathlon in 2 weeks-definitely will be in the training mode. Also I am trying to adjust to hydration and Gu's. It's alot different than just running. Any thoughts are appreciated.

RUN = 53:00 / 4 miles

BIKE- 1:30 / 18 MILES

Waddling to put new pedals on my mountain bike.............

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Today was one of those days where everything caught up with me. The skies were still rainy and just blew my workout off until tomorrow since I'm off.

I had a fun time shopping yesterday and it was a success. Although Hooch's new suit, did not quite meet dad's approval. The best part was when my MIL bought me a new laptop computer. Mine was on the fritz and she knew how much time I spent on mine. Since I decided to stay in this morning it gave me an opportunity to play.

This evening, I went out for a 45 min. ride on Old Yellow , my mountain bike. I plan on riding her for awhile so when I go back to Silver , my road bike , she seems light.

Tomorrow, I WILL be up early and run 1 hour followed by 1:30 bike

Bike : 45 min. /MTB/ 12 mph ave / zone 1-2

Waddling with my computer............