Saturday, October 28, 2006


SAT : SPIN 60 / AVE HR =148 / MAX HR= 170

First , spin class was another great workout. Mary repeated the cadence class from Tuesday. Rhonda and I just looked at each other when she said we were lucky enough to do it again. I got to talk to Dawn and Roger-they did the marathon last weekend and now signed up for IM Louisville.

Second, good luck to everyone racing this weekend:
*Jeanne - Marine corp marathon
*Thomas - marathon on Monday in Ireland
*Athena - doing the Soma 70.3 Half Iron -You go girl!

Third, on the personal side , My husband and son are in Cleveland this weekend with my father-in-law. He is still having radiation treatments and has a chemo consult this week. With the prognosis and the importance of quality of life it's probably not an option. I hope to go see him also in a couple of weeks.
Fourth, Bino(my son) made the high school bowling team this week.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006



When I was at the USAF expo in September, I found a pair of gel nibus on sale ($49). I usually wear gel kayano but knew that I needed a new pair soon so I bought them. Tonight I tried them out. After the first 15 minutes -I knew they bothered my right forefoot. I know this will sound strange but they also had a creeking sound in the right shoe. It was worth a shot. I can wear them to work.

I ran outside with Dakota. The sun was setting and the temperature was still about 50. A perfect evening.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


SPIN: 60 MIN / AVE HR=147 / MAX HR 168

Tonight , Mary had us do interval with cadence and resistance changes. What a workout! We started at a 80 cadence then increased every 5 minutes to 90 the 102 then 110 while also increasing resistance. I saw 2 of my friends that had run the marathon and they felt great. It motivated me even more to get ready.

I am working writing down my weekly plan. Week #1 will be 11/6. That will give me 26 weeks. I am basing it off of Galloway but not taking the long runs up to 26 miles. I'll put it on the blog and get your opinions.

Monday, October 23, 2006



Watching the marathon yesterday and the Ironman sort of pumped me up in training. My plan was to start increasing my running miles Jan.1. I am now rethinking. I believe I need to start sooner. I was going to do BOSU but instead headed for the treadmill. Galloway actually starts his traing program now at 28 weeks. The penguin at 24. With my time goal of breaking 6 hours, I think I need to relook at the weeks and numbers. Thank heaven for pencil!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


SAT. : SPIN / 60 min. /AVE HR= 146 / MAX HR = 169
SUN.: RUN / 45 min. / AVE HR= 128 / MAX HR= 152

I got up Saturday am and went to spin class. Mary had us doing some intervals of speed mixed with hills. I have a hard time getting my cadence up to 112-my legs don't move that fast. This is shown in my running also. But I kranked the resistance up on the hills.

On Sunday , I watched the beginning of the marathon on TV before church. As always ,it gives me the goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes. My hubby asked me if I felt bad watching rather than running this year. Absolutely not! My goal is the Pig in the spring and I hate running long in the summer. In the afternoon, I watched Ironman Lake Placid and ran on the treadmill. Very motivating also. I was planning to start my marathon training Jan 1 but I'm beginning to worry that it's not enough time. Maybe start Nov 1.. Still in the thinking stages. I haven't run much lately but need to start building a base so as not to injure my ITB again.

On the marathon week-end.

  • My friend DeeDee finished with no pain and totally enjoyed her 2nd marathon. I am so happy for her. She also stuck with someone who was running their first and helped them the entire race. Kudos to her!
  • Lisa- ran 5:37 and completed her first
  • Roger ran 4:11 and Dawn 4:19
  • On the West Coast- 21st Century mom and Juls did a great good going out and completing the Nike half in SanFrancisco. They have the bling to show for it!