Saturday, August 12, 2006


RUN: 2:12 / AVE PACE 14:03 ( 1 PIT STOP & 1 PHONE CALL) /9.43 MILES
Fuel Belt: 16 oz. Smart Water / 16 oz. Gatorade Endurance / 1 pack sport beans

Again ,I overslept and didn't get out until 730. By the time I got to Waterfall Glen the parking lot was full and I had to park down the road. Does that tell you how perfect the morning was? It was sunny, no humidity, and 65. My goal was to have an ave run pace in the 13:45 range and walk around 16:30. I wasn't too far off and tried to run by the way I felt and not look at my watch until the end of the run. I would like to run a half around 2:45-2:50 which is a pace of 12:45. I totally enjoyed the run and all the people that were out. I felt good at the end. Best of all-----my knee did not hurt. No pain.

I am still glad I did not run the Chicago Distance Classic this weekend. My friend is running it and I will miss going down today,the hotel, and the greasy hamburger after. But I know in the long run this is better.

Now I'm off to a day with my 16 year old daughter shopping. That will probably take more out of me than the run!

Friday, August 11, 2006




Thursday PM it downpoured all evening so I hit the treadmill. It was hard workout. The knee felt great. I am glad I am not running a half this weekend. No pressure.

Friday, my boss who was off came back to work. I had been helping out and with our department under construction and in training it was a tough week. I felt good because I hung in there with no major crisis or anyone(that I know of) hating me by the end of the week. We evaluated our continuing training today with sessions going on the next 4 weeks(one includes a trip to Vegas).

I cut the grass and cleaned the house this evening to take the pressure off the weekend. My plan A is to run 9.6 at Waterfall Glen on Saturday . On Sunday- Biking at the I & M. The weather should be good.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006



I planned to go to 645 spin class with Tony. Because of the "MOM" taxi schedule and dinner, getting there was too much pressure. So I opted for a run. I didn't really feel like running so I made a bargain to head out for a 3 mile run and I have a option point where I can cut it to alittle over 2. You know where this is going-I opted for the 2. I felt like a wimp after I turned and continued with pickups thrown in at about a 9min pace. So I won and lost with the workout. Winning- I did go out,got some miles inwith pickups
Lost- 1 mile or spinning class.

Overall with the achy knee- good deal.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Why me? Y-me

zero--no time

I am a facilitator for a Y-me Beast Cancer Support Group. Tonight's meeting had a great turnout. I was to be the presenter of "Breast Cancer Survival and Excercise" There have been some interesting new studies that show an increase in survival rates from 85% to 92% with moderate excercise for 3 hours per week. I had great handouts and a powerpoint. But the whole thing became sidetrack when several of our ladies began talking about crisis they were facing.

For me,the only one there without breast cancer, it made me more appreciative of life. It also gave me a unique perspective as a radiation therapist what my patients were facing and their veiw of things.

After 9 hours of work and my group meeting, there was no time or energy left to run.

Monday, August 07, 2006


RUN: 3.0 / NO TIME

Okay - I'm takin' it easy this week. I've decided not to run the half this weekend. It feel like a weight has been lifted. (for alot of reasons) It was a beautiful sunset when Dakota,my golden retreiver and I headed out the door. Finally the temperature has dropped and it turned into the perfect run.

My eating--- Limited sugar intake to 25g and stopped eating by 8pm. I am afraid to weigh myself . I need to get some off though before the USAF half in 39 days.