Friday, September 12, 2008


One week ago, I did not know what RSD or CRPS stood for. I now have read everthing I can find on the internet. My husband was diagnosed with this last Friday. It has changed our lives. RSD or CRPS is "a chronic pain condition that is believed to be the result of dysfunction in the central or peripheral nervous systems." This is a disease that will always affect him.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, is a chronic neurological syndrome characterized by:
severe burning pain
pathological changes in bone and skin
excessive sweating
tissue swelling
extreme sensitivity to touch.

It is estimated that between 500,000 and 750,000 people have RSD.

Today, we were at Loyola trying to adjust medications. He has had 2 nerve blocks in the past week. Another nerve block is scheduled for Tuesday. It has progressed to Stage 2 and pain control is a challenge.

We will be married 20 years in March and have faced every challenge that has been thrown at us and we will overcome this also.

Waddling to kick some RSD butt................

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday after a very challenging day, I received a call from my friend Sharkie. We were both free and decided to meet at Panera to catch up. We had not actually seen each other since Steelhead.

As we ate , we relived the Steelhead experience. We both learned alot. My experince was much different than Sharkie's. I left it with a very positive feeling. It was the first part of a decision making process for next year. The second part is the Chicago Marathon.

The discussion lead to our trip to Florida to volunteer at the Ironman race. As you have probaly figured the other purpose of the trip gives us the opportunity, if we decide to, to sign up for IMFL. The discussion covered the challenges of the different Ironman courses. We went on to discuss training and goals for the winter. Of course there was thoughts on the possibilities of 2009 and training.

One thing that I find still sticking in my mind is doing and Iron-distance race but not one of the majors run by NA Sports. I would love to hear the words "You are an Ironman" as I cross the finish. As I watched several of the races this year, many finishers did not hear those words. Las night I was looking at the Great Floridian Triathlon. Same distance -great looking race. I guess I am questioning doing an actual "IRONMAN" race. Any thoughts???

Waddling with posibilities........................

Sunday, September 07, 2008


For many years, I trained alone for everything. I did not want to be embarrassed because of how slow that I was. I knew that most likely no one else would be my speed and I would be by myself anyway.

That all changed last November when I began learning how to swim and found my master's swim group. Everyone was divided into lanes according to ability. Even though I was the slowest in lane 1-I started and finished when everyone in the group did. I gained alot of confidence when no one laughed at me and treated me like one of the gang.

This lead me to biking outside with others. Snoopy and Sharkie are great to bike with and I felt like I belonged on the road. I gained more confidence.

With my registration for the Chicago Marathon, I decided to take another look at training with a group. Luckily Iron Snoopy introduced me to the Glen Ellyn Runners Club. I have found nothing but positives and I met Snips. Today my 18 miler turned into a 19 miler. When Snips and I got to the 9 mile turn around, we decided to go another .5 before turning back. We finished feeling fine with club members clapping for us at the finish. Again, I found that I gained more confidence.

Bottom line is that the group training has done nothing but build my confidence rather than bring me down.

Waddling with a 19 miler in the books.............