Friday, March 30, 2007


THURS. : RUN: 30 min.

Tonight after work, I took my MIL to a MD appointment. When I got home, my hubby had cleaned the house for me and was working to unload some of the things from his mom's house that we were gettting. I changed my clothes and grabbed Dakota to head out for a run. I was hoping to get a 60min run in. When I turned the corner and looked back-I felt really guilty. I know the PIG is 5 weeks away and I need to get this in. I ended up walking with Dakota. My thoughts ranged from "why do I try to train for a marathon" to " How selfish I am to run and not help". I turned around and headed back to help. After helping unload things , I made a fancy supper of pizza rolls and at 9pm while they were eating- I did get a 30min. run in with Dakota.

Today was moving day for my MIL. Everything is in the house and tomorrow the unpacking of boxes begins. Hopefully soon our life can settle into somewhat of a routine.

This weekends training will be a long run of 2-2.5 hours probably on Sunday.

Waddling with the new "Happy Feet" DVD............

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


SPIN : 60 MIN.

"Tonight we're going to ride 3 big long hills. By the time we get to the top we'll be suckin' wind." That's how spin began. And how true it was. Each hill was 17 min. long. Mary also used a new IPOD tonight for the music. And oops! restarted one song twice. My legs were dead for the first 30 min. then everything fell into place.

My MIL is with us and waiting to move into here new house on Friday. Tensions have been high in the house. We've all made it this far and we'll make it and sometime down the road look back at all we've overcome in the past 6 monthes.

Waddling down to make a sandwich......

Monday, March 26, 2007


MON : RUN : 45 MIN.

I am over it! (the long run Saturday) I am one that likes to over analyze at times. I have some up with reasons to explain to me why it wasn't the greatest run:

  1. I did not land in Cleveland until 10pm and got to bed at midnight.
  2. I never had anything to eat for dinner or breakfast before the run.
  3. With the time change, I only had 6 hours sleep after 6 hours on Thursday also.
  4. I did a half on hills 5 days before followed by a hard spin workout and tempo run.
  5. Everyone has there off days.
  6. I changed my run : walk ratio.

Reasons that I should be satisfied:

  1. I did run 4.5 hours
  2. I did run 17 miles.
  3. I did not hurt when I finished.

I have taken a different look at my training . I will do one more long run. I also plan on increasing one of my weekly runs to 8-10 miles. I'm not sure if I'm on track to break 6 hours but realistically my other 2 marathons were over 6:30.

Waddling with a new attitude.......

Sunday, March 25, 2007


SAT : RUN : 4:30- 5R:1W - 17 MILES - AVE PACE = 16:03

I am having a hard time feeling good about my long. Look at my pace-16:03. I know I'm slow but.... At first I thought it must be an error with my watch. Then I thought of not posting it on the blog. I actually felt good. I did have to make a few pit stops in the woods. Was it that I changed my ratio from 4:1 to 5:1 ? I had enough water. The temperature was good. The Metroparks were a great place to run. I imagine after a great run on Thurs., you can't expect it everyday. It was a huge speed bump to my confidence of breaking 6 hours. I have 6 weeks to go until the PIG. I was going to do another long run (5 hours) then that was it. I am rethinking my schedule.

This a.m. my MIL and I drove in from Cleveland. We loaded as much as we could in her SUV. The rest will come in later this week. She closes on her house on Friday. We went to McDonalds on our way back into town pick up food and snuck into her new home and ate our first meal there. There were alot of tears during the trip but not unexpected from someone who just moved out of her home of 27 years that she shared with the love of her life.

Waddling to unpack the car.................