Thursday, February 07, 2008


Happy Birthday to Mr. Waddler today!! I wish that was me popping out of the cake.

I took the day off today from work. Nothing big planned but just to relax and enjoy the day. I did get up and go to swim and get a good workout in to start things off. There were not may at swim today and I had a lane to myself. It doesn't bother me to swim with others but I am slower so that can throw people off . Everytime that I go it's an improvement.

Waddling to enjoy the birthday day........................

Swim : 60 min.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

There has not been much spare time to blog. Training is continuing and going well. Yesterday was strength and bike trainer. Today was master's swim. I am not sure the total distance for the workout. I lose track of where I am at.

We are waiting for more snow. Just what we need.

Waddling to watch American Idol...........

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Today is super Sunday.

Starting it of super was masters swim. It was a great workout as always. After a 300 warmup, there was drills followed by a main set of 3 x 200, 3 x 100 , 3 x 50, then 6 x 25 all out. The best part is the others that I swim with. I get so much energy out of everyone. It's great to chat about goals for 2008. Some of the group headed for spin, others stay for more swim and I headed to the bowling alley with my son.

Always for the Super Bowl, we put out a spred of food for the 4 of us. Today is no different. Bino and I went to the store. Our cart was full of chips, salsa, shrimp, wings, and cocktail hot dogs. Hooch was making her special dill pickle, cream cheese, and ham wrap. We are ready to cheer for our team. Go Patriots!!!

Waddling to watch the big game...........