Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 -A NEW YEAR


I was very quiet in 2010. No matter how many time that I would restart my mojo -it never stuck. That led to a year with not much to write about.

My A-race of the year will be Ironman Florida on November 5th.

Now begins my most favorite part which is the planning. I love to look at the different race options. I want a sprint, Olympic, and a Half.

The other part will be my training. I have begun swimming with the TriSmart Masters group. It fit better into my schedule. I also am doing Indoor cycle training with TriSmart. What a great group which includes alot of my regular tri-buddies.

Other exciting news for 2011 is that I was asked to be a member of Team Luna Chix. I am lucky that it is not necessary to be fast just love the sport. I am looking forward to meeting the other members of the team.

Waddling into 2011...........