Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things are going better. Now I can look forward to the weekend. I am travelling back to Ohio to Dad's and I have a sprint Tri on the books. It will be the first time my dad will see me swim. Also it will be my first tri without a wetsuit and my longest swim in a tri- 1,000m.

Between recovering from Steelhead, being off, and a bad long run- this weekend should be interesting. I am looking forward to the time with Dad though.

Waddling to pack......................

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've had a couple of off days. I have a family member in the hospital and training is in a holding pattern. Nothing life-threatening but a priority for me. I have a Sprint Tri in Ohio this weekend at my dad's house but we will see how the week unfolds.

Waddling to get some rest.........................

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This photo expresses my thoughts about my 15 mile run today. It started off fine as I ran with Snips. Our pace was close to 11:00/mile. It was alittle fast but not bad. We ran on the Prairie Path a new direction and it was very shady. We got to the 7.5 mile mark to turn around and both of us felt OK. The all my train cars started falling off the track. My stomach was rolling. My right ankle began to hurt. Mentally ,I was beginning to crack. We got mile 12 where our running club had a stop with Gatorade. It was empty. I was feeling crappier by the minute. Snips was running good so I told her to take off. The final 3 miles were a mixture of walking, running and cussing. I made it but it wasn't pretty. I felt like a train wreck.

We all have those days. I know they are not all like that.

Waddling to kick my feet up.................