Saturday, September 06, 2008


I can now count on one hand the number of weeks until the Chicago Marathon. I can't believe I have only 3 longer runs left. Tomorrow is a 18 miler. Next week a 14 miler. Then it's the big one a 20 miler. That will take me into the 3 week taper.

I have had to cancel going to race at the USAF half marathon. It is my favorite half to run. My kids, one is a junior and one a senior, have there homecoming that weekend. I just can't miss it.

It's hard to believe that my 2008 season is almost over. My friend Sharkie and I plan on celebrating by volunteering at IMFL. I know someone that has a condo down there. I am looking forward to it.

Waddling to set my stuff out for tomorrow..........

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Snips(blue) and I(white) cruising at halfway!

Snips Neighbor, Me, and Snips ready for a cold beer!

The past couple of days my quads have been sore from the hills. I ran 3 yesterday and today. I am trying to take it easy for our long run of 18 this weekend!

Waddling on a rainy night....................

Monday, September 01, 2008


For the first time today, I was running a half with no nerves or planning at all. I set my clothes out last night and seriously looked at it as a training run. My friend, Snips, had never run a half before today and I was just going to run with her. I packed no water or Gu. Snips had already got my race packet for me and we met up at 6am.

Nether of us realized that this was the inaugural race. There was such a large line of runners picking up their packets that they charged the started the race 15 min. late. After the start of around 2000 runners it immediately changes from the street to a trail which lead to alot of bumping around. We passed 2 miles before I realized it and came to the first water stop. there was water but no cups. Note to self- always bring fuel belt.

For some reason, I thought this would be a flat course. It was Chicagoland and we don't have hills. Snips and I found many on this course. It was a beautiful course though.

It was very shady for the first half. Snips was running very strong. We walked through the water stops after the first one. We chatted the entire time and caught up on many things. The miles clicked by until about 10. We walked through the water stop and went to cross a big road and the police let the traffic go and stopped us. We waited and more runners were lining up to cross finally we were allowed to go. I looked at my watch and was shocked at the time- 2:01 @ 10 miles. I was on pace for a PR.

The final 3 miles were more hills and no shade. The temperature was rising quickly. I was getting tired but I did not want to slow down. When we got to 12 , my watch said 2:2?. My previous PR was 2:51:10. Secretly today I hoped to break 2:50. As we approached the finish, Snips said lets push it. She took off. She had alot left. I pushed and came in right behind her. We gave each other a big high 5 and hug. She had a medal and her first Half-marathon. I had a PR. I hit the button on my watch and it said 2:39:56. We looked at each other and headed for the free beer to celebrate. What a Day! It was a big boost to my confidence.

Waddling with a PR.....................