Thursday, August 30, 2007


I haven't been training for so long-where do I begin? I believe my season is over after my half marathon in 2 weeks. I started training early because of my May marathon so I am ready to go into a build base mode.

My first project is to see if I can learn to swim to a point that I can do a Tri. I signed up for classes with a Master's group every Tuesday. There are 3 phases to it. By January 1 , I will have a good idea what the game plan is for next year.

I do have a few things pencilled in already. The first is the Indy 500 half marathon in May. I did it 2 years ago and had a great time. It definitely is not a course to set a PR on but the experince of all the people is great. The other is Galena Tri/Du also in May.

I got out and ran an easy 2 miles tonigh just to see how everything is. I felt ok and hope to run a 10 miler on Saturday.

Waddling and planning ahead............

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


When I signed up to volunteer for IM Louisville, my expectations were to just go and enjoy the experience. I never felt the I could do one. I was told many times that once you are at the finish you will want to do it. That did not happen but alot of other feelings and emotions did.

I was so inspired and impressed by every athlete who was out there. The hours of training that had to have been put in is amazing. While working in T1 , the determination and concentration of each person to get out on the bike was repeated over and over. I did see Mary Sunshine and GeekGirl come out of the swim both smiling. Iron Snoopy in transition seemed very relaxed.
I missed most of the bike but knew that the hills would be challenging. The morning wind had calmed down alot but the sun came out and the temperature went up quickly.

Outside of my hotel was mile 3 of the marathon. I sat near a water stop and watched everyone head out for the 2 loop course. I knew it would be hours before they came back in. Iron Snoopy cam by and I walked with her for a few minutes. The bike challenged her to the max. Mechanical problems and hills were here issue.

The finish line was in an awesome place - Fourth Street Live. I went to TGI Fridays ordered a burger and watched many finish. All the emotions in that one place were overwhelming.

Then it was 7pm. My time to check in to work the finish. My job was to give the finishers a towel and the Ironman medal. What an honor that was. I witnessed a marriage proposal. I saw those whose spouses finished. The celebration of moms and dads who had there children cross the line with them. The desperation of those who had nothing left and barely knew who they were. The gamut was unbelievable. I don't know the reason each athlete did it but everytime the announcer said--"YOU ARE AN IRONMAN" , I had chills and tears.

It was 11:15 PM and I was still looking for Iron Snoopy. Her husband Moose had joined me at the finish. He had just completed his first Ironman and was waiting for her. As they were telling how much time was left, the worried look in his eyes increased. Not long after -there she was. He ran to the line and asked if he could give here the medal. He waited , put it around her neck, and they embraced with such emotion all the spectators felt it. "You are an Ironman Iron Snoopy!!"

I was exhausted when I returned to the hotel but unable to sleep. There was no desire to do an Ironman. But there was a yearning for a goal and a challenge.

Today , I answered that yearning and signed up for beginners swim class. My first class is next Tuesday. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!

Congratulation to all the Ironman in Louisville- you truely are my heroes.

Waddling with a purpose................

Sunday, August 26, 2007


The early morning was cool with a strong wind blowing. The athletes at the transition pre-race were all intense. I saw Iron Pol and he looked pumped and ready.

The oldest athlete is 88 y.o. Amazing!!!

I was at the finish to watch Chris MacDonald win. He was behind most of the race but hung in there. Walking back to my room I was thinking of those still on the bike and not even running the marathon yet. To think-- this finish line is open 9-10 hours.

The conditions as the day went on got hotter and sunnier. The temperature is over 90.

I am in-between volunteering and taking a break. The marathon course goes past my hotel and i am able to watch and cheer for the athletes. I have seen Mary Sunshine run past looking so strong and smiling.The people that I know are off the bike except for Iron Snoopy and Geek Girl. I keep checking the athlete tracking.

I just walked down and Iron Snoopy just went by with a determination and strength that is unbelievable. I am heading down to the finish to work until midnight. It will be so amazing to watch these athletes. I know how I feel when doing a marthon and cannot imagine doing a bike and run first. I know I will shed a few tears when I hear the words for so many "You are an Ironman!!"

Waddling to the IM finish to be celebrate and cheer......................