Saturday, July 12, 2008

This was the radar after I woke up this morning. There were 4 of us heading to the open water swim. Iron Snoopy called me at 530am. Looking at the radar and 1.25 hour ride to get there, it was decided-game over for today. I headed back to bed and fell to sleep trying to figure out plan B for today.

I am beginning to wonder about making plans with Snoopy. She has got this weather thing going on. Her 2nd Tri got rained out. She went to Kansas 70.3 to watch a friend. It was cancelled due to weather. She came to watch me at Subaru and when she arrived a storm hit and the race was delayed for an hour. So this morning when I was getting ready for her to pick me up, I was not surprised that there was a storm warning. Tomorrow we are meeting at 545am to "BAKE CUPCAKES" (LOL).Just kidding Snoopy!!!!

When I woke up, Plan B popped into my head. The Tour De France was on. I headed for the basement and rode the final 50K of todays segment with the Pelotone(in my vitual world). It actually rocked. I had a good hard ride for 1:15. I will head for the pool and swim 2000 later. Also in my virtual world, I won the sprint at the end. WooHoo!!

Waddling to hit the shower after a hard day on the Tour.............

Friday, July 11, 2008


Tomorrow morning I will face my next training hurdle. I have signed up for a 1 mile open water swim at Crystal Lake. I have swam in open water 3 times an my longest is 750.

Suprisingly I feel more excited than nervous about doing it. I am ready and feel like that I want to put the distance behind me.

Weather forecast for tomorrow makes the swim questionable. The plan is to bike afterword. I guess I'll wait and see.

Waddling into the weekend...........

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I remember the feeling when I was in school that at the beginning of the semester it seemed like forever until finals. Then time flew by and before you knew it -it was time to cram for exams.Those emotions of cramming are coming to surface this week for me. Especially the part where I am unable to sleep and sit still.

With only 3.5 weeks until Steelhead , I am analyzing every workout. Two weeks will be tapering. So that leaves me with only 10 days of training. Four of those days are weekends.Those days will be crammed with longer workouts. 6 of those days are work days with limited time. I feel like I am not quite ready. Panic is hitting. If I just had 2 more weeks or even 1 , I would feel better. Isn't that always the case though?

Now I have gained confidence that I will finish. Now my obsession has turned to the cutoff times.
Course Cutoff Times
Swim: 1-hour & 15-minutes from the start of the last swim wave.
Bike: 5-hours & 15-minutes from the start of the last swim wave.
Run: 8-hours from the start of the last swim wave.

I found a tri-pace calculator and I will be close. It really will come down to the conditions of the day.
Waddling to cram............

Monday, July 07, 2008

Welcome to a new tri-blogger friend !!!

She is an experienced triathlete (54 triathlons) who is preparing for her first IM in Louisville.

Visit my friend : TRIHARDCHIK!!!!


Sunday, July 06, 2008


Reasons that I had the best week ever:

  1. My dad stayed at my house for the whole wonderful week.
  2. I was on vacation from work all week.
  3. The stress level in my life was zero.
  4. Our yearly 4th of July block party to watch the fireworks was a blast. (for the first time the police did not show up) Last year it was the infamous Drew Peterson.
  5. My longest ride of the year (62miles) was logged.
  6. My longest run of the year ( 10Miles) was logged.
  7. I got a new car- an awesome white Jeep Patriot called the WaddlerMobile.
  8. The weather was perfect all week. Sunny and 70's.
  9. Did I say that I had a great week with my dad?

Waddling with a big,big smile...............