Saturday, December 29, 2007


Now that I have looked back, it is the time to look forward.

My #1 goal of 2008 is to complete a triathlon. The base has begun to be laid. I have learned how to swim. I have lost 18 lbs. Santa brought me a bike trainer for home. Now to remain injury free and take it up a notch.

I ran into my swim coach at the pool. Master's swim is going from 1 day per week to 3 days per week. I was excited. That is just what I need. Now add my bike at home with spin then add some mileage to my run. This will take me to March 24 when my half-ironman plan kicks in. Oh, also I need to lose15-20 more lbs.

Waddling forward..............

Friday, December 28, 2007


Looking back at 2007 , there were several different perspectives.

On the professional side, we installed our new linear accelerator. I helped set up a new procedure at our hospital (stereotactic brain radiosurgery). We were the first hospital in Will county to do this and one of a few in the Chicagoland area. Our department underwent several other changes- physicians and added staffing. The were alot of challenges but we made it through and are much stronger for it.

On the family side, my MIL moved from Cleveland to Illinois to be closer to us after the loss of my FIL. My daughter Hooch got her driver's licence and her first job. My son Bino played football for the first time and made th JV team in his High School. My dad who is 85 is doing great.

For me, the spring found me completing my 3rd marathon in Cincinnati. The Flying Pig was a great experience. Then I turned to the duathlon. I did Galena, Batavia, Waterloo, and Sylvania. I finished the year a half marathon. I recently found out that I took first in the USAT Mideast Duathlon series for my age group.

The outstanding event of 2007 was volunteering at Ironman Louisville. The emotion stirred up was overwhelming. It gave me the motivation to learn how to swim. Also the incentive to sign up for a half-Ironman in 2008.

I thank God for being so blessed in 2007.

Waddling in to 2008.............

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It's official. I did get a bike trainer for Christmas. Santa was so good to me. Not only that--I have a new CD player and speakers for the rec room. I am going to rock. The trainer is just what I wanted.

The first priority today is to get the kids electronics set up though. Hooch got a new laptop which she loves. Bino got an I-Touch. Oh- and Mr. Waddler got an MP3 player.

We will take a break in the middle of the day to go to my MIL's house for dinner(lunch). We have even gotten a present for her dog Scooter.
When we get home this evening- time to set the trainer up? Now I am ready for 2008.

Waddling to enjoy Christmas day!