Saturday, June 10, 2006



Last night I drove to Batavia and picked up my race packet. Being the early bird to register--my race # is 5. How embarassing. Oh well. I feel really rested and thought WTF I'll try it. All the duathlon starts at the same time as the tri swimmining waves so I think I won't stand out too much.


  1. To finish
  2. No injuries
  3. Come out of the comfort zone.
  4. Time under 2:30

It's not the miracle to finish but the courage that you had to start---John Bingham

Friday, June 09, 2006



Great Plan rest on Monday-- I was so antsy to get out and run but I had my plan. By the end of the week it would have been my best day to work out.

Tuesday- Training on new computers until 5pm planning to go spin at 6 but nooo--- my daughter needs a ride we get lost and by 615 spin was out the window.I'll just run tomorrow

Wednesday_ Great day to run but -----We have WHite Sox tickets and resevation at the stadium club and I'm still in computer training. At 1am I went to bed.

Thursday -Have to be back to work at 645am. 5 hours sleep. Another day of computer training. My mind is fried. I get home at 5pm and made beanie/weinie for supper and I have my jammies on at 7pm. No way I can train.

I had given up on doing Batavia but ----I've just had a week of tapering. My mind is tossing around the idea of doing it. Maybe???????????

Monday, June 05, 2006



Today, I'm having a recovery day from the weekend. I've gotten away from this but I'll see if my legs feel better.

I went back through my race schedule and knocked off several duathlons. I did not add anything back in.

Last week:
Run: 11 miles time: 2:20
Spin: time: 1:00
Cycle: time: 2:00
TOTAL 5:20

This week:
Monday: off
Tuesday: 1:00 Spin
Wednesday: : 30 Run
Thursday: :45 Run
Friday off
Saturday: Bike
Sunday: 1:45 Run 8

Sunday, June 04, 2006


RUN: 6.0 MILES/ 4:1 RATIO. 1:20

Today a lot came to me during my run. I have be wondering for months about my training. I have been pondering my bad runs. but today for some reason a lot of things began making sense. I know this will sound like alot of rambling but I'll just throw my thoughts out there.

  1. I am me. I am not Mary or Iron Wil. I will be 50 this fall and will not return to 30 or 40 again. I can be the best for me and stop the comparisons.
  2. I've gained 40 lbs. Since 20 years ago when I ran a 1:59 half. Also regained 8 lbs since April. I would feel much better weighing less.
  3. I need to take Mondays and Fridays off for recovery. I have been working out hard on the weekends but not resting before the week.
  4. On my long runs step back and go back to the 4:1 ratio. It's long slow distance . I ran my best times with this last year. I can;t run the entire long run.
  5. I am a runner turned biker. I am learning and enjoying the bike . Just because I ride does not mean I have to do duathlons. It can be a nice change. I am not doing Batavia. I am not afraid to finish last except when it is due to lack of preparation.
  6. There is a way to run and bike train but it's a learning process.